Perth Mission Statement

Perth Mission Statement and Support Programs

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The staff, students and parents of Perth Avenue Public School are committed to providing an equitable and challenging learning environment by promoting and practising academic excellence, enhancing the social, personal, physical and intellectual growth of all while building and maintaining partnerships with our community.


Academic Programming

Strong academic programming with both social justice and ecological teaching is provided to students at Perth. Strong literacy programmes are enhanced by our Literacy Resource Room and excellent programming is developed using Math Manipulatives, FOSNOT Math, and Smart Board Technologies.


Arts Focused Programming

Perth has a dynamic arts program with specialist teachers in Dance, Visual Arts, Drama and Music for all grades. All Grades 5 & 6 students are involved in either Band or Strings programming. Further arts enrichment is provided with visiting artists who work with staff and students to present curriculum based programming through dance, visual art, drama or music.

Programming Support at Perth

Early Intervention Strategies promote student achievement. Our Resource department supports students both in small groups and in the whole classroom. Our ELL program provides initial assessment, small group instruction, as well as family supports. Community supports such as Toronto Public Health assist with annual hearing and vision testing.