Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct



Keeping a Safe and Caring School Environment

Princess Margaret Junior School’s Code of Conduct is based on the provision of a safe, nurturing, respectful, and positive school culture and environment. It is consistent with the standards established in the Toronto District School Board’s Safe Schools policy, the Toronto District School Board’s Code of Conduct, and the Provincial Code of Conduct.

Accepting responsibility and consequences for one's actions is part of learning about self-discipline and self-control. The severity of the consequence is determined by the frequency of his/her actions. Each incident will be investigated with due consideration of the context in which it takes place, the impact of the behaviour on the safety of others, and the effects on the tone of the school. At all times, progressive discipline procedures will be followed with the principal’s discretion. Some of the actions listed below will be followed:

• counseling, discussion, and/or warning given;
• withdrawal of privileges;
• informing parent/guardian (e.g., phone call, meeting, letter)
• involvement of School Team, support staff, and/or outside agencies to recommend strategies;
• restitution for damages to property;
• formal suspension or recommendation for expulsion as per Ministry and Toronto District School Board’s policy guidelines.


Student Conflict Management

Problem solving and conflict resolution are skills consistently encouraged and developed at Princess Margaret. Students are encouraged to treat others the way they would like to be treated, be kind, be patient, and remember to share.

When solving conflicts, students will use a Story/Plan/Consequence form to document their actions and learning. This form will then be sent home for sharing and a parent signature. The form is to be returned to school the following day.