Hello families, please find below some useful links to resources and services located here in Toronto.


Rawlinson is proud to be part of TDSB's Black Student Success and Excellence Initiative. Our school

works closely with TDSB's Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement (CEBSA). Check out their 

website at and CEBSA's April Newsletter

Becoming Upended: Teaching and Learning about Race and Racism with Young Children and Their Families


All the Colours We Are: Read Aloud:


Mental Health:

Developmental Pediatricians:
Did you know that a developmental pediatrician is different from the family doctor or pediatrician that you take your child to? When students are struggling either academically or social emotionally in class, many times as a first step, teachers will recommend that students receive a developmental assessment. This assessment is covered under OHIP but must be done by referral from your regular pediatrician. Generally wait times for this assessment are about six months.

Speech and Language:
Speech and language therapy is partially covered under OHIP until age five here in Ontario. Parents are able to make self referrals for assessments through Toronto Preschool Speech and Language services. Please take a look at the links below for self referral information as well as courses on how to boost social communication run through the Hanen Foundation. Please note that wait times for access to services can be about eight months.

Occupational Therapy and Sensory Needs:

Holland Bloorview Kids (Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital)



City Kids:

Learning Disabilities:

Parenting Bookstores:

Early Intervention Resources:

Autism Resources:
Geneva Centre:
Surrey Place Centre -

Additional Math Resources:
Create a Graph
Digital Learning Objects - Math applets for Elementary and High school; organized by strand and level 
Gizmos - Math and Science Simulations
Hand Made Manipulative Instructions
Illuminations Activities K-12 
Interactive Websites by Grade Level
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – A digital library containing Java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics; organized by strand and grade level (English, French, Spanish, and Chinese) 
Online Manipulatives and Graphic Organizers 
Percent Paint -That allows students can use this interactive hundreds chart to paint parts of the whole to show amounts for fractions, decimals and/or percents. There are 8 different colours of paint available. 
Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources - Always updated and organized by age level.
Visual Fractions 
Virtual Manipulatives - This is an online math manipulative website. There are some ideas for games for teachers for grades K-8.