Health and Safety

Nut Awareness:

We do have several students in the school who have severe allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. We ask that you send only nut-free lunches and snacks for your child.

If you are a parent of an anaphylactic child, we ask that you keep an Epi-pen on your child's person at all times - this means in a pouch around their waist. This way in an emergency, the Epi-pen is available immediately. We ask parents of kindergarten students to ensure that the ECE has their child's Epi-pen (rather than putting it on their waist). 

It is important that all children feel safe coming to school, and we ask the co-operation of the school community in this matter. We ask that you do not send in products that contain nuts. Other things that may assist in the prevention of a reaction is to have your children wash their hands and teeth if consuming peanuts/nuts before coming to school, teaching your children to read labels at the grocery store, and  talking to your children about avoiding sharing food. 

If you are sending in treats for your child's birthday or for a special celebration, we encourage you to send NON-FOOD items such as bookmarks, pencils, erasers etc. If you do send it a food treat, please ensure that it has a "nut-free" symbol on it. Please note that some products that are labelled "Peanut Free" might contain tree nuts. Please read the labels carefully. peanut and tree nut symbol

For more information please visit the links below. All parents are encouraged to review the instructions on how to use an Epi-pen. 

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