Warren Park Student Code of Conduct

If it looks like a fight then it is not alright!

This Code of Conduct is written to: 

-encourage success and high achievement in your studies 

-promote respect for yourself and others 

-develop a safe and positive learning environment

As a student, you agree to:

•establish learning as your top priority and put forth your best effort in all you do

•attend school regularly and punctually - be on time for school!

•represent Warren Park JS in a positive manner at all school-related events

•be prepared to fully participate in class by having homework and assignments completed on time

•become actively involved in co-curricular activities and special events

•cooperate in creating a positive learning or playing environment by displaying appropriate behaviour

•use your agenda on a daily basis and have a parent/guardian sign it each day

•consider the feelings of others, and speak to others in a respectful and considerate manner

•respect school property and the private property of others

•keep the school clean

•seek peaceful methods of resolving conflict and seek help from a caring teacher or adult whenever needed

•follow the rules and routines of Warren Park JS

•follow the policies established by the Toronto District School Board.