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Statement from TDSB Chair Robin Pilkey and Director John Malloy

Subject: Recent and Ongoing Events of Anti-Black Racism in the United States and Canada

Racism in all forms is deeply rooted in our history. This week reminds us of the ongoing impact of anti-Black racism on individuals and communities. Through the media, we have witnessed violence and harassment against members of the Black community. We are acutely aware of the devastating impacts of anti-Black racism in our world, in our community and in the Toronto District School Board.

These events are felt personally, and in different ways by our students, staff and community at the TDSB. We recognize that there are a myriad of feelings being experienced by Black staff and students in the TDSB. There is a heightened sense of vulnerability and reactions of sadness, insecurity, anger, and grief – to name a few. It is incumbent upon all of us to stand up and do whatever it takes to end racism, hate and oppression of all kinds. Silence is not acceptable. The profound harm it causes to individuals, families and communities can no longer be debated or tolerated and must be stopped.


The Toronto District School Board continues to be committed to equity and inclusion, and we acknowledge the importance of addressing anti-Black racism. As we continue to serve students and communities, these acts of violence are critical reminders that we need to remain focused and committed to the changes that need to happen for our students and families. We need to continuously examine our commitment on how we make schools safe places for all students, staff, parents and communities.

In the TDSB, we do not always get things right, but we will maintain an unwavering focus on ending anti-Black racism and all forms of oppression. We know we need to hear the voices of our students, community and staff, and make sure our equity efforts are informed by these voices. In our sadness, let us work towards change and hold each other accountable for taking a stand against individual and systemic acts of anti-Black racism. Let us work together to make a difference and fight against all forms of racism and hate as we strive to change the future in the lives of our TDSB community and beyond.

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Talking about Race and Racism With Children

Discussing race and racism can be a difficult conversation for many adults and the thought of speaking directly with children about it can be daunting. Nevertheless, it cannot be ignored if we are committed to living in a more just world where everyone’s human rights are upheld equally.

The recent events in the United States and Canada depicting acts of anti-Black racism, as well as the rise of other forms of hate, including anti-Asian racism, anti-Indigenous racism, and Antisemitism, have made it incumbent upon all of us to have informed and regular conversations with children about these issues. While these events are not new and have historical roots, it is essential that we raise our children’s awareness about their own biases and prejudices, the different forms of discrimination and how to stand up against injustices. These discussions should occur at home and at school on a regular basis and not solely in reaction to current events.

To assist families in having these important discussions, the TDSB’s Equity, Well-Being and School Improvement team have developed TDSB Resource for Families (First Edition). Additional resources are currently in development.

black support group



Join Us for a Black Student Support Group (Happenings at the TDSB)

Black students in Grades 9 to 12 are invited to join our virtual support group. Drop ins are welcome every Tuesday and Thursdays at 3 p.m. until the end of July for students who identify as Black as a way to share and learn in a community to support each other and stay well. 

Topics you may choose to talk about or learn about include:

  • talking to other students

  • stress management

  • knowing your rights when stopped by the police

  • know your rights in the TDSB

  • Black history

  • how to appeal marks

  • how to raise concerns in school

  • mental health

  • physical health

  • how to address arguments with friends and family

Register to attend a session and a Google Meet link will be sent to you.