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Duke Of Connaught Public School

June 22nd , 2018

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Last weekly update for the year!!

It is with a mixture of emotions that I write the last weekly of the school year.It has been another full year at the Duke of Connaught.I am truly proud to say that our focus on teaching and learning has continued to be intentional and unwavering.We have worked hard to advocate on the behalf of all students. We also had a lot of fun with some many clubs, teams, tournaments and whole school events.This is not possible with out the wonderful support of Duke’s terrific staff and families.Thank you to everyone for working with us to make school an excellent experience for students.I would like to a special thank you to our SAC chairs Tanya Barrett and Bev Grodin for their hardwork and collaboration with me this year.

My mixed emotions come from the announcement that I will be the Principal of Withrow and Quest as of September 1st.I have enjoyed every day of the 5 years that I have been the Principal of Duke of Connaught. I am proud of my students and staff.I have had the privilege of being their leader and I will take away amazing memories.Thank you for your support.We welcome Carol Shea as the new Principal as of September 1st.I wish Carol all the best and she is being welcomed by a wonderful administrative/ office team.Thank you to both Mr. Gambacort and Ms. Helpert for their hardwork to make a difference for students.I also would like to share a huge thank you with Ms. Quildon for all of her hardwork in the daily events of an extremely busy office/school.

Some final highlights includes one of my favourite teams.Last week, two students competed in the Scrabble National tournament.Maggie and Layna came in 4th in this National competition.Well done.Thanks go out to Ms. Weber for supporting this team.

We enjoyed Kindergarten and Primary Play day this week and thankfully the weather held up.Also, all week students student participated in Pride activities.The feeling of joy and inclusion was evident throughout the school.

What to Expect on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Before the first day of school, it is our intention that every household has received our “First Day of School” Map and Entry Locations.

This map identifies the entry door from which your child will enter and exit each day.

The entry bell will ring at 8:40 a.m. and before that time, you will find your child’s teacher standing in the location of the entry door, holding up a large sign with the classroom number on it.  That’s the way to locate your child’s teacher and class.

All Duke staff will be outside on the first day, in the yard, to support, direct and answer your questions.  Staff will be identified by wearing their orange safety vests.

Once the bell rings, your child should join the class and follow the teacher’s lead.  We encourage all parents/guardians to remain outside of the building during entry time to help make the transition into school and individual classrooms as smooth as possible.

For those students who will be using TDSB school busses for transportation: each student will receive a colour-coded bus tag which will indicate their route number and stop. This will be attached to their backpack for easy reference by our bus supervision staff. In addition, students in grades 1-3 will receive a Purple Means Parent tag, which will alert the bus driver that the student cannot be released until a parent/guardian/caregiver, is there to receive them.

Have a great weekend and all the best in the coming school year.


Beverly O’Brien


Duke of Connaught Jr. & Sr. P.S.