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Gr. 5-8 - Ms. Oliveira  

Gr. 1-6 - Ms. Newman and Mr. Pedlar

Ms. Cho - Kindergarten 


Hello DUKE! 


Below you will find some useful information for this school year:


1. Running shoes are mandatory for HPE class.  No boots, sandals, crocs, ballet flats etc.  Shoes must have toes covered and some sort of laces, Velcro, or strap to keep the shoe in securely.


2. Water Bottles: Please have your students bring their water bottles to class.  Access to water is limited to the water filtration fountain in the Woodfield building only.


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All Athletics permissions forms must be completed electronically using the new Excursion Management Application (EMA).

Excursion Management Application

EMA Guide for parents 

Below is a guide to Athletics offerred with TDESAA (Toronto District Elementary Sports Atheltic Association). 

** Subject to coach availability.

Sports Seasons

Teams starting soon:


Gr. 5/6 Girls Slo-Pitch - Ms. O'Donnell/Mr. Pedlar


Gr. 5/6 Boys Slo-Pitch - Mr. Boccia/Mr. Pedlar


Gr. 7/8 Girls Slo-Pitch - Ms. Oliveira/Ms. Newman

Tryouts: April 25th @ 7:30am and April 30th @ 2:45pm


Gr. 7/8 Boys Slo-Pitch - Ms. Oliveira/Mr/Aishford

Tryouts: April 25th @ 2:45pm and April 30th @ 7:30am


Gr. 5/6 Ultimate - Ms. McCormack/Mr. Roberts


Gr. 7/8 Ultimate - Ms. Newman/Ms. McCormack

Tryotus: Wednesday, April 24 @ 7:30am, Monday, April 29 @ 2:45pm and Wed., May 1st @ 7:30am




Gr. 7/8 Cricket - Mr. Archibald/Mr. Naimji

Tryouts: Wed., April 24 @ 2:45pm




Gr. 4-8 Track and Field - Ms. Oliveira/Ms. Newman


Tryouts: Wednesday, April 24 @ 7:30am and Monday, April 29 @ 7:30am


1500m + 800m

Tryouts: Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7:30am 


*** Please note - All other event tryouts take place during Phys. Ed. classes ***



Running Club - Madame May

The Spring Running Club starts up again Tuesday April 2nd and will take place Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 am on the track. This is a great way to get in shape for Spring and to prepare for the track and field season. All students wishing to try-out for the 800 m and/or the 1500 m events are encouraged to join as I will be selecting athletes from the running club. All grades, families and staff are welcome to join us. See you on the track! 




Gr. 7 All Gender Badminton - Ms. Newman & Ms. Frost 

Gr. 7 Tues lunch SH/Thurs after school Woodfield Gym

Tournament: Thursday, April 4th @ Forest Hill - WIN

Playoffs: Friday, April 19 @ Duke 11am




Gr. 5/6 All Gender Volleyball - Mr. Pedlar & Mr. Boccia

Practices: Mon/Wed 7:30 am Woodfield Gym

Tournament: Tuesday, April 9th @ D A Morrison - 1st Place!

Semi-Finals: Tuesday, April 16 @ 10am at Duke vs. Rawlinson - WIN

CONFERENCE FINALS: Thursday, April 18th at Danforth Collegiate - WIN 

CITY FINALS: Wednesday, April 24 @ A.Y. Jackson S.S. 





CITY FINALS:  Qualifying students will be announced on Friday @ lunch

Monday, April 22nd @ Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

Junior Swim


Gr. 8 All Gender Badminton

Gr. 8 Badminton


Gr. 5/6 All Gender Badminton

5-6 Badminton


Gr. 7 All Gender Volleyball

7 v-ball


Gr. 8 All Gender Volleyball

Gr. 8 Co-Ed


Gr. 5/6 Girls Volleyball - Conference Finalists

6 girls volleyball


Gr. 7A Girls Volleyball - Conference Finalists

7A Girls Volleyball


Gr. 7B Girls Volleyball

7B Girls VOlleyball


Gr. 8 Girls Volleyball

8 girls vollyeyball


Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey


Gr. 7/8 Ball Hockey

7/8 Ball Hockey


Gr. 5/6 Ball Hockey

5-6 ball hockey


Gr. 5 Boys Basketball

Gr. 5 boys basketball


Gr. 6 Boys Basketball

Gr.6 boys basketball


Gr. 7/8 Boys Basketball

7-8 Boys Basketba;;


Gr. 5/6 Boys Volleyball - CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 

Gr. 6 Boys Volleyball


Gr. 7 Boys Volleyball - CONFERENCE FINALISTS

Gr .7 Boys Volleyball


Gr. 8 Boys Volleyball

Gr. 8 Boys Volleyball


Gr. 8 Girls Basketball

8 girls basketball


Gr. 7 Girls Basketball - CONFERENCE FINALISTS

Gr. 7 Girls Basketball


Gr. 6 Girls Basketball - CONFERENCE FINALISTS

Gr. 6 Girls Basketball


Gr. 7/8 Girls Football - CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS

Girls Football

girls football


Gr. 7/8 Boys Football - CONFERENCE FINALISTS

Boys Football

7-8 Boys Football


Cross Country

Cross Country


Gr. 7/8 Girls Soccer 

Gr. 7-8 Girls Soccer


Gr. 7/8 Boys Soccer 

Gr. 7-8 Boys Soccer


Gr. 5/6 Boys Soccer

Gr. 5/6 Boys Soccer


Gr. 5/6 Girls Soccer

Gr. 5-6 Girls Soccer


Concussion Information 

Guidelines for Parents

Quick Facts

Return to Play - Medical Forms

Return to Learn - Medical Forms

TDSB Concussion Policy


Ms. Oliveira 

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