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Gr. 5-8 - Ms. Oliveira  

Gr. 1-6 - Ms. Newman and Mr. Pedlar

Ms. Cho - Kindergarten 


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Below you will find some useful information for this school year:


1. Running shoes are mandatory for HPE class.  No boots, sandals, crocs, ballet flats etc.  Shoes must have toes covered and some sort of laces, Velcro, or strap to keep the shoe in securely.


2. Water Bottles: Please have your students bring their water bottles to class.  Access to water is limited to the water filtration fountain in the Woodfield building only.




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All Athletics permissions forms must be completed electronically using the new Excursion Management Application (EMA).

Excursion Management Application

EMA Guide for parents 




Gr. 7 Girls Basketball - Ms. Newman & Mr. Pedlar

Practices: Mondays @ 7:30am and Wednesdays @ 2:45pm (Woodfield)

Tournament: Thursday, November 30 @ Duke - 2nd place!

Semi-Finals: T.B.A.


Gr. 8 Girls Basketball - Ms. Newman & Mr. Pedlar

Practices: Tuesdays @ 7:30am and Wednesdays @ 2:45pm (Woodfield)

Tournament: Monday, Dec. 4 @ Duke


Gr. 5/6 Girls Basketball - Ms. Kittask

Practices: Tuesday @ lunch (SH Gym) & Thursdays @ 7:30am

Tournament: Tuesday, December 5 @ Bowmore




Gr. 7 Boys Volleyball - Ms. Oliveira

Practce: Thursday @ 7:30am (SH Gym)

Tournament: Tuesday, December 5 @ Valley Park M.S. 


Gr. 8 Boys Volleyball - Ms.Oliveira

Practices: Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7:30am (SH Gym) please meet at back doors

Tournament: Wednesday, Nov. 29 @ Duke - 1st place! 

Quarter-Finals: Duke vs. Nelson Mandela, Wednesday, December 6, 1pm @ Duke


Gr. 5/6 Boys Volleyball - Mr. Boccia & Mr. Archibald

Practices: Wednesdays @ 7:30am (Woodfield Gym) & Thursdays @ lunch (SH GYM)

Tournament: Tuesday, December 5th @ DA Morrison


Gr. 7/8 Girls Football - CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS

Girls Football

girls football


Gr. 7/8 Boys Football - CONFERENCE FINALISTS

Boys Football

7-8 Boys Football


Gr. 7/8 Girls Soccer 

Gr. 7-8 Girls Soccer


Gr. 7/8 Boys Soccer 

Gr. 7-8 Boys Soccer


Gr. 5/6 Boys Soccer

Gr. 5/6 Boys Soccer


Gr. 5/6 Girls Soccer

Gr. 5-6 Girls Soccer

Below is a guide to Athletics offerred with TDESAA (Toronto District Elementary Sports Atheltic Association).  ** Subject to coach availability. 

Sports Seasons


Concussion Information 

Guidelines for Parents

Quick Facts

Return to Play - Medical Forms

Return to Learn - Medical Forms

TDSB Concussion Policy


Ms. Oliveira 

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