Bell Times:


AM Supervision Bell: 8:25

AM Entry Bell: 8:35

Period 1 Starts:  8:40

AM Recess: 9:55 - 10:05

Lunch: 11:25 - 12:25

Period 5 Starts: 12:30

PM Recess: 1:50 - 2:00

PM Dismisal: 3:10


 Attention Volunteers!

In an effort to further support the daily safe arrival of our students and their families, we are in the very beginning stages of designing and creating a “foot pathway” leading onto Duke’s grounds.

We are looking for individuals who will help us get the project in motion.

We need people with a vision to work with small groups of students:

  • To design the footprints
  • To work with several of our students in communicating with the City about our sidewalk project
  • To paint the footprints on the sidewalk


Please email Kelli Helpert directly at if you are interested and available to support this Duke of Connaught project.

Important Information:

TDSB CODE of Conduct

Parent Concern Protocol


Parents want the best education for their children. Our goal is to provide your family with a positive learning environment, with a variety of programs and services that promote outstanding student achievement.

Parents are children's first and life-long teachers. We value the partnership between home and school and know that parental involvement is the key to success in school. You can be involved by helping your child with homework, volunteering in our school, or joining our school council. By welcoming you and providing opportunities for you to be involved, we can work together to ensure that our students receive the very best education.

NEW Video on Math Development 

for Parents

 Watch and share EQAO’s NEW video for parents titled

“How Many Nickels Make a Dollar? The Importance of Proportional Reasoning in Your Child’s Math Development.”

Proportional reasoning is an important mathematical way of thinking needed for much of the math that’s used in school and in everyday life. The video explains what proportional reasoning is, why it’s important and what parents can do to support its developmentin their children.

 Education Quality and Accountability Office,

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