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Milne Valley Staff for 2013-2014

Mrs. Maria Campbell  
Mme Susan Pitre

Office Staff                              
Ms. Helen Psarologos (on leave)
Mr. Steve Stasiuk, Ms. Joanne Davidson

Lunchroom Supervisors         
Mrs. Afaf Khatab, Mrs. Michelle Perrin, Mrs. Hanaa Elgazzar, Ms. Shahin Karbalaee-Norooz

Teaching Staff
Grade 6
Ms. Janis Rosen, Mr. Frank Shim, Ms. Diane Deutsch, Ms. Shelagh Chitnis, Ms. Catherine Cruz, Ms. Jabeen Mozammel, Ms. Candice Baksh, Ms. Karen Lister, Mr. Jeff Hurt

Grade 7
Ms. Melissa Sayer, Ms. Jenna Capstick, Mr. Scott Gowans, Ms. Diana Filipova, Mr. Jesse Yarema, Ms. Carmela Cusma

Grade 8
Ms. Galya Khaikin, Ms. Ruth Phipps, Mr. Chris Matte, Ms. Vicki Spiliopoulos, Mr. Courtney Fisher, Ms. Monique King, Ms. Ileana Mihailescu 

Rotary Teachers
Ms. Nancy Soo, Ms. Tania Cologna, Mr. Steve Katsoulis, Ms. Salima Kanani, Mr. Michael Sham, Ms. Michele Stevenson, Ms. Grace Taguchi, Ms. Jo-Anne Shillingford

Educational Assistants 
Ms. Jennifer Fusco, Ms. Mougeh Malaki

Special Needs Assistant
Ms. Kausar Kafil

Child and Youth Worker
Ms. Dorothy Jordan

Location of School

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