About Us

Milne Valley Middle School (GR. 06-08)

Thinking globally and acting locally!

Milne Valley Middle School is located on Underhill Drive near the Don Valley Parkway and Lawrence Avenue. The school was formerly known as Milneford Junior High School and became a middle school in 1987. Our students come from seven feeder schools : Sloane, Victoria Village, Cassandra, Ranchdale, Three Valleys , Dunlace and Rene Gordon Public Schools. 

Milne Valley's focus is on preparing students both academically and socially for their secondary school careers. Students are challenged to do their best at all times, and the school honours their efforts with a variety of awards.


Phone:(416) 395-2700
Fax:(416) 395-3958
Address:100 Underhill Dr, North York, ON, M3A 2J9
Principal:Jim Stamatopoulos
Vice-Principal(s):Marshalin Paryani
Office Staff:Holly Fakalis
Rena Kendella
School Council Chair(s):Susie Tsianos
Komisa Eggonidis
Superintendent:Cassandra Alviani-Alvarez
Learning Network:LN10
Trustee:Farzana Rajwani
Ward:Ward 14