Special Education

Special Education


Assistive Technology

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Read & Write for Chrome is now available for all TDSB students.  Read & Write for Chrome is Chrome extension that provides literacy support for all students in reading, writing, research and study skills, allowing them to enjoy greater independence across the curriculum.  Some functions include text to speech, word prediction, auditory spell check, picture dictionary, summarizing and research tools.

Click for more info on: Read & Write Gold 

Review IPRC Meetings at Milne Valley MS

Review IPRCs meet once a year to assess the programming and placement needs for your child. The Review IPRC considers the progress your child has made in relation to her or his IEP. The IPRC will review the placement and identification decisions and decide whether they should be continued or whether a different decision can be made.

Our Grade 6, 7 and 8 Review meetings are scheduled yearly. An invitations and appointment times will be sent home to parents in advance of these meetings. 

School Support Team

Every school in the TDSB has a School Support Team (SST). The School Support Team helps facilitate discussion of student-related strengths and needs, within the school context. They actively work with the student and parents to ensure and to support student success.

Our SST meet once a month to discuss students who are referred to the SST by teachers and/or parents. The SST will include the Principal and/or the Vice-Principal, Special Education Staff, Psychologist, Social Worker, teachers and Parents.

For more information on Special Education in the TDSB, please visit the Board's Special Education Info Page.