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In April, during the library program, the Grade 3 classes listened to books written and illustrated by Barbara Reid and watched her website showing how she creates her plasticine illustrations using different techniques.  During their art classes, the students then had the opportunity to use plasticine to create a seasonal tree based on the book,  Picture a Tree, by Barbara Reid.

Their art work was displayed in the library.



The Multi-Year Strategic Plan will act as a high level statement of intent for the TDSB for the next three or more school years, set direction and identify system goals to support its 246,000 students and 583 schools. We value input from parents/guardians, families, students and staff and invite you to provide feedback on the draft Multi-Year Strategic Plan documents. To learn more and provide input online, please visit:


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What’s a GLIMPSE? 

Turning to a dictionary, we know that a “glimpse” is a momentary or partial view.  A “glimpse” is also defined as to see or perceive briefly or partially.  What we will share here are “GLIMPSES” into the life of a child from that child’s perspective.  They are short and simple, but yet authentic and of great value.  They highlight and celebrate diversity between and within families, cultures, and communities.  They showcase interests, skills, goals, and opinions.  They are created by kids and for kids.  They are a platform for kids to reflect and express themselves.  They are evidence that kids have a voice that could and should be heard.  In short, “glimpses” allow kids to learn from kids via partnerships of reflection and expression.   We hope you enjoy them because there is joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world from the eyes of a child (Mr. Aguiar). 

A further explanation can be found here:


If you haven't heard by now, we launched our YouTube channel on October 3rd.  It's called GLIMPSE INTO THE LIFE OF A CHILD.  You can get to the channel by using this link:


We were notified this week that we reached our 1000 total view milestone!  Awesome!



Article: Glimpse into the Life of Young People By Rob Aguiar