Model Schools for Inner Cities

Model Schools for Inner Cities is an initiative that ensures students are provided with positive choices and opportunities to become successful learners. Students, families, teachers and communities work together to create positive change, student-achievement, student -well-being with the result that engagement is increased.

Model Schools are grouped into eight clusters. Each cluster has lead teachers, a learning classroom teacher and a community support worker who work collaboratively to improve student achievement through focused supports and opportunities.

Among the 150 inner cities school in TDSB, Parkfield is also committed in supporting our families, students and teachers to work collaboratively to provide students the opportunities to reach their potential and increase student achievement overall.

Model Schools are committed to:

  • Innovative teaching and learning practices
  • Providing support services to meet social, emotional and physical well-being of students
  • Establishing schools as the heart of the community
  • Researching, reviewing and evaluating students and programs
  • An ongoing commitment to share successful practice

Initiatives offered by Model Schools:

  • Academic
    • Welcome to Kindergarten with The Learning Partnership
    • Canadian Achievement Test (CAT4)
    • MSIC Units Grades 1-8
    • Summer School
    • Ontario Science Centre Partnership
  • Health
    • Nutrition Programs
    • Vision and Hearing Testing

Ashanty Sri
MSIC Learning Classroom Teacher