University of Waterloo Competitions


The Agincourt Math and Computer Science Departments would like to invite you to participate in the math and computer science contests sponsored by the University of Waterloo for this school year. Participating in these contests is an excellent way to strengthen your understanding of the math and computer science curricula, but more importantly improve your problem-solving skills. Some questions will be based on curriculum common to all Canadian provinces, but most of the contest questions are designed to test logical thinking and mathematical/computational problem solving. Contest results do not count towards any school marks but offer a great enrichment opportunity that may be added to resumes, and even submitted for university scholarship applications.

All students are welcome to participate in these contests. For more details (including past questions and solutions) on the entire series of contests, you can visit the website

Registration for the contests must be done through School Cash OnLine. Our virtual students can register through the links provided here. Email Ms. Venning with any questions or issues with School Cash OnLine. Please pay close attention to the cut-off dates for registration that we have listed, as they come several days before the posted cut-off dates that the University of Waterloo sets. All contests will be written in-person, in school during common hours (typically starting at 9:00 am) for both in-person and virtual students - no exceptions!

As we approach the contest dates that you have registered for, please look for an email from Mr. Petrou with instructions on times, locations, and procedures and preparation for the contest at hand.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Student Resources


Parent Resources

  • Mathies provides tools, activities and support to parents interested in helping their children succeed in mathematics; it can be accessed here
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education provides free math tutoring and homework help to students in grades 7 to 10; it can be accessed here