ACI Muslim Parent Association



We are excited to announce the launch of ACI’s Muslim Parent Association in the 2023-24 school year!

Meeting Dates
October 12th 2023 - In person
November 9th 2023 - In person
December 14th 2023 - online meeting
January 12th 2024 - online meeting
February 8th 2024 - in person meeting
March - March break and Ramadan (possibly we will organize an Event before that)
April 18th 2024 - in person (possibly we will organize Eid potluck in this meeting)
May 23rd 2024 - in person

2nd Meeting : November 9th 2023 - Highlights:

  • That was very fruitful meeting and we discussed several important items
  • We reviewed prayer areas for the students
  • MPA will organize an event before Ramazan to increase awareness where some gifts will be given away to those students who will attend the events (logistics will be discussed in upcoming meetings)
  • MPA coordinators we will meet with ACI MSA (Muslim Students Association) leads to find ways to work together and deliver one awareness event before Ramazan.
  • All future meetings dates were decided and posted above, our next meeting will be organized virtually on Thursday Dec 14th 2023.

1st Meeting : Thursday October 12th 2023 - Highlights:

  • Around 15 parents attended our first along with Principal, Vice Principal, Mr. Qureshi and Ms. Sharon Walker.
  • We introduced ourselves and had exchange ideas and reasons of joining ACI-MPA and we discussed what are the few objectives which we would like to achieve this year.
  • We discussed the need of one Parent Lead Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator for these meetings, here are the names based on feedback from attendees:
    Lead Coordinator: Essa Mughal
    Assistant Coordinator: Sister Sameena
    Secretary: Suraya Haq
  • Based on everyone's input we agreed to have ACI-MPA meetings on monthly basis (2nd Thursday of every month at 7 PM where possible) with the flexibility of having an in-person or online meeting (in winter if required), mainly we prefer to have in-person meetings.
  • For regular communications and to stay in contact, we agreed to have a WhatsApp group which is very commonly used for other Parents Association.
  • There is a grant from TDSB for school councils which we can apply; so here the link for parents to review and share ideas if we would like to apply for it: