Phys. Ed & Health


Phys. Ed and Health Topics of Study

Physical Education

JK/SK students are revisiting a unit focusing on jumping, landing and balancing for the month of March.

Primary (1 - 3) students are beginning a gymnastics unit with a focus on Jumping and Landing. Students will explore movement at the ground level as well as onto and off of benches.

Junior (4 - 6) students are completing a fitness unit with a Crossfit emphasis. They have been learning about different fitness components (i.e. Muscular Endurance, Power and Cardiovascular fitness). They will complete the unit by developing a fitness plan that improves one of these components.

Health Education

The Grade 2/3 and 5/6 classes are completing their units dealing with Substance Use, Abuse and Related Behaviours. After March Break, we will begin looking at the new Human Development and Sexual Health curriculum.  If you have any questions about the content we will review for each grade, please refer to the link provided