Dress code, Personal Belongings and Lockers

Students of Bendale Business and Technical Institute are citizens of our school community who value a safe, inclusive, orderly and respectful learning environment. Bendale students recognize the role the school plays in preparing them for success in the workplace. To promote these values:

  1. Everyone is expected to dress in an appropriate and business-like manner. Clothing must be appropriate in design, slogans or messages. References to drugs, alcohol, sexuality, or radical remarks are inappropriate. Students will be required to change or cover any inappropriate clothing.

  2. Outerwear, large bags and backpacks should not be worn in the school and should be stored in lockers.  


Students should:
Use only a combination lock (available from the Guidance Office).
Keep locker locked and combination private. Do not share a locker or combination with friends.

Note: It is the Principal’s responsibility under the Education Act to ensure health and safety in the school. A Principal or Vice-Principal has the authority to examine the contents of any locker at any time it is considered necessary. For example, if there is reasonable suspicion of drugs or a weapon in a locker, the locker will be searched.

  1. Skateboards, bicycles and rollerblades are not allowed in the school for safety reasons. Equipment (where possible) must be stored in lockers during the school day.

  2. All coats, hats, personal communication devices such as cellphones or music players, or any other personal belongings are the responsibility of the student. The school will not take responsibility for these items.

Homework and Exam Policies

Our Homework Policy

At Bendale, there is an emphasis on experiential learning. Many projects are completed in class to utilize the resources in the building. Students should review notes and course information on a daily basis. Independent reading every day is an excellent way of improving reading ability. Teachers will provide additional homework upon request.

Examination Policy

When formal exams are part of a course evaluation, students must write the exams.

Students who are ill may be excused from an examination if they provide a medical note to the office.

Late arriving students should enter the exam room quietly and follow the teacher’s instructions. Students who are late may not be given additional time to complete the exam.

No outerwear, or electronic devices (phones, music players, etc.) may be brought into an exam. Store these items in your locker. Teachers may provide a storage area in the exam room.

Students who require additional supports through their IEP will be provided with the necessary supports.