Mission Statement

Our Goals

As partners within our school community

Our students are expected to:

  • demonstrate individually appropriate levels of academic achievement.
  • demonstrate personal responsibility, high self-esteem and respect for others.

Our staff and parents are expected to:

  • maintain our positive and welcoming environment for teaching and learning.
  • continue
  • to work co-operatively to provide opportunities and support for student success within the provincial curriculum.


  • We will communicate to parents and students the key elements of the provincial curriculum and the provincial expectations for individual success.
  • e will involve both parents and staff in encouraging our students to be active decision-makers, to set personal goals and to accept the diversity of others. 
  • We will seek opportunities to support staff training, and to enhance teaching resources for the implementation of the provincial curriculum.
  • We will promote on-going two-way communication between parents and teachers to ensure optimum individual performance.

Mission Statement

We will develop and sustain a respectful environment that ensures that all our learners achieve a high level of academic achievement as determined by our provincial standards. We are committed to a comprehensive support system to meet the diverse needs of all our learners.