General Alert
The Government of Ontario has announced that TDSB schools will remain closed to students and staff until at least Wednesday, February 10, 2021. During this extended closure, remote learning will continue.
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School Advisory Council Budget Tracker

Our School Advisory Council has set up a Budget Tracker so that the community can see how many funds they've been able to raise and what the money is being used to support. Thank you Council for setting this up!

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to have everyone back with us! Seeing the students back with us is a true joy, and one that we in no way take for granted. 

A lot of the following information has been sent out to the community via email, but we're putting it here for easy reference. Please check the Return to School section of the TDSB Website for the latest information. Updates are being made all the time and it has the most current practices and procedures. 

The following information was accurate as of September 16, 2020:

Verification of Health Screening

We have made our own paper Health Pass specific to our school that we will hand out to every student. This Health Pass has the same information as the TDSB one, but the signing section is done in a calendar format so that the signature and day can be easily seen.

If you choose to use the Bruce PS paper Health Pass then your child can have their screening verified by their teacher while attendance is being taken. This is the quickest way for us to verify screening and the method we prefer.

The Health Screening App is available for you to use, but teachers cannot use iPads in the school yard to see the verification because there is no Wi-Fi availability there.  Ryan (the Principal) will have to verify the screening in the office. In the meantime your child will be allowed to remain with their class as long as they wear a mask and socially distance. 

If you do not use the Health Pass or the app, then your child will be asked if they feel well. If they do, they will be allowed with their class as long as they wear a mask and socially distance. Someone in the office will call you during to ask you the screening questions.


A commonly asked question is how lunch will work. Students will be eating lunch during instructional time. They will also get a 1 hour break in the middle of the day, but they will not be eating lunch at that time.

Students who go home to eat lunch will be welcome to do so during the 1 hour break. They are asked to stay at home until the end of that break. It is important to note that students who eat lunch at home will still be around students who are eating in class during instructional time.

We have scheduled different recesses and 1 hour breaks for classes so that we can keep cohorts separate while having outdoor time.

Here are the 1 hour break schedules


1 Hour Break

Kinder Rm 10


Kinder Rm 3A

12:05 – 1:05

Kinder Rm 3B

12:35 – 1:35

Grade 1

12:35 – 1:35

Grade 1-2

12:35 – 1:35

Grade 2-3

12:35 – 1:35

Grade 3-4


Grade 4-5


Grade 5-6


Grade 7-8


Primary Aut ISP

Junior Aut ISP

Diagnostic Kinder

Differentiated Schedule – please talk to Ryan and he can explain if you have a child in these classes

Important Miscellaneous Information

  • Please make sure that your child either has a fanny pack or pockets that can hold their mask bag (which can be a zip lock bag, paper bag or cloth bag)
  • There will be no scooter or skateboard parking inside the school this year
  • You may want to pack extra socks and a change of clothes that can be kept in your child’s backpack as they will be outdoors in all sorts of weather
  • Look here for the previously sent information on the first day of school, masks and Covid-19 procedures

We are all so excited to have everyone back with us and I’m looking forward to breaking out my new Air-High-Fives with the students! 

Ryan Naidoo