Health and Physical Education Program

In the Bruce Public School Health and Physical Education Program, we strive to:

  1. provide opportunities for students of all abilities and interests to be engaged
  2. deliver health, physical education, and dance  in a positive, safe, inclusive environment which promotes inclusion
  3. provide an opportunity for individual choice and modify activities to suit individual needs
  4. promote opportunities for success, cooperation and team work
  5. include a variety of challenging activities with opportunities to develop skills and achieve success
  6. present knowledge and skills in progressions appropriate for the age and developmental stages of the students
  7. creatively use equipment to increase participation
  8. include a variety of co-curricular activities for all students


Dress Code for Health and Physical Education Class

·      Running shoes that fit properly: no slip on shoes, wedged-soled shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or boots are to be worn in the gym

·      Students should wear layers to add or remove clothes if cold or hot

·      Proper fitting active wear

·      Jewelry should be removed

·      Long hair should be pulled back into a pony tail or braids

HPE Department

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Here is the weekly gym schedule.