Important Information

Here is our weekly schedule.

Room 11

Grade 1
(Room 11 - Ms. Climenhaga)

Class Rules and Agreements 

Classroom Expectations and Rules 

1. Please use your inside voice in the classroom
2.Respect each other at all times. 
3. Do not speak while the teacher or another student is talking. 
4. “Think” before you “Act”! 
5. Always be safe in the classroom. 
6. “Hands off” at all times. 

Our Four Classroom Agreements 

1. Mutual Respect
2. Appreciation / No Put Downs 
3. Attentive Listening 
4. The Right to Pass 

These rules, expectations and classroom agreements are to promote a safe and supportive learning environment for our class. Please take the time to go over these rules and expectations with your child. 


Assessment is a key component to ensure students’ progress and guide my teaching. I use a combination of rubrics, written assignments, observations, projects, performance tasks, tests and daily work to assess students. I will be providing written and oral feedback to students on assignments to guide them on specific ways to improve their work. This is called descriptive feedback. Students will be learning to select their best work using specific criteria, and their best work will be included in their portfolios. A key tool students are learning to use is “Success Criteria”. These charts allow students to self-assess their work and identify concrete ways to improve it.

Take Home Reading Program:

Overall, I am satisfied with how this program has started out. Most students have been bringing back their books on a weekly basis and some on a bi-weekly basis, so thank you for your support there. You may have noticed that the reading levels of the books may seem a little easy and the reason for that is because I want to make sure that I’m filling in all of the gaps. Eventually, all students will be at their appropriate level (most are by now) and go through each cycle. A useful suggestion that I would recommend would be to keep a log of any words that your son/daughter had some difficulty reading and create word lists that you can fall back on.