Chartland Junior Public School

Welcome to Chartland's School Website! 

We hope that this will be a place where you can find information about events and activities that are happening at Chartland Jr. P.S.

At Chartland our Staff and students are committed to providing an inclusive, caring and safe environment in which life long learning skills are acquired. Our students are offered equal opportunities to develop intellectually, emotionally,physically and socially. Our goal is to help our students reach their full potential as caring and responsible global citizens.

We look forward to your partnership as we learn and grow together!

COVID-19 - School Related Information

The TDSB takes its direction from Toronto Public Health. Please see their new Decision Guide to determine what steps to take following the self-assessment.

Please see here for updated COVID 19 information:

COVID 19 Decision Guide For Schools

Updated COVID 19 screening health pass

Attestation For Return to School

Self-Isolation of Cohorts Decision Guide for Principals



All parent/guardians and visitors are required to wear masks outside on school property. Thank you for supporting us by wearing a mask when you pick up and drop off your child(ren) 

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Information on TDSB Virtual School

Virtual School

Please see here for Asynchronous Learning Activities

TDSB's Safe Return to School

Resources for Preparing for Back to School

Staggered Start: School starts on September 15, 2020. There will be a staggered start for elementary students over the first three days (September 15 to 17). 

The start dates for each grade level are outlined below. Once a student starts school on the first day for their grade, they continue to attend school every day.


September 15


September 16


September 17

Senior Kindergarten

Grade 6

ISP Kindergarten 

Junior Kindergarten

Grade 1

Grade 5

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Resources for Preparing for Back to School

Tips to Help Families of Children with Special Needs

Questions & Answers



Community Supports & Resources - Please see below for the link to TDSB's list of external community-based resources that can offer assistance to our students and families during the current health crisis of COVID-19.  TDSB-Community Supports & Resources