Staff 2023-2024

Staff and Classes 2023-24


Chartland Staff

Principal Ms. S. Grant
Office Administrator Ms. L. Nivins
Full Day Diagnostic Kindergarten (JK/SK - A) Mr. J. Yeh
Full Day Diagnostic Kindergarten (JK/SK - B) Ms. K. Singh
Full Day Kindergarten (JK/SK - A) Ms. C. Wai
Full Day Kindergarten (JK/SK - C) Ms. M. Tselios
Grade 1/2 Ms. R. Camilleri
Grade 2/3 A Ms. N. Lee
Grade 2/3 B Ms. D. Buonfiglio
Grade 3/4 Ms. C. Elbertsen
Grade 5/6 A Ms. M. So
Grade 5/6 B Mr. J. Montuno
Arts/Special Education Resource Ms. I. Munroe
French/Arts/Health and Physical Education Mr. N. Kwan
Library/ Special Education Resource Ms. C. Robertson
DK/FDK Prep Ms. A. Joneja
Designated Early Childhood Educator  Ms. A. Zupo 
Educational  Assistant DK - A Ms. L. Flynn
Educational  Assistant DK - B Ms. C. Chan
Educational  Assistant Ms. A. Omar
Special Needs Assistant Ms. S. Yeasmin
Head Caretaker Mr. A. Hasan
Evening Caretaker Ms. C. Shearer
Diagnostic Kindergarten Noon Hour Assistant Ms. Z. Mohamed
Diagnostic Kindergarten Noon Hour Assistant Ms. J. Qin
Kindergarten Lunchroom Supervisor Ms. N. Limbada
Primary/Junior Lunchroom Supervisor Ms. B. Khan
Primary/Junior Lunchroom Supervisor Ms. F. Stemphlet