Accessing Learning Accommodations

The City Adult Learning Centre is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive learning environment that supports student achievement, wellbeing and equity.

In order to access accommodations at City Adult Learning Centre please obtain the accommodation form in Student Services, room 119, from Sofia Chamberlain and provide supporting documentation (i.e. psychological report, medical note, IEP). Your supporting documentation should state the reason you require accommodation and the type(s) of accommodations requested. Once supporting documentation is provided your teachers will be notified.  


Please be advised that during the COVID 19 school closure, students registered for Quad 4 online learning requiring learning accommodations are encouraged to contact a guidance counselor. 


Obtain appropriate documentation

  • Psychological report
  • Medical note
  • IEP

Be sure it is thorough

  • Reason
  • Types of accomondations

Meet with Sofia in Student Services

  • Provide your documentation
  • Fill out accommodation request

Sign and date request

  • Outline specific accommodations

Inform teacher at least one day in advance

  • Prior to test or exam
  • To discuss accomodations

Be on time

  • Meet the deadlines
  • Be on time for tests and exams

Renew your request every quad

  • See Sofia at the beginning at every quad to review your request