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Career Connection CanEX Co-op

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Program Description:

Are you finding that in today’s hyper-competitive market place Canadian experience is often a pre-requisite for obtaining that all-important job? Too many new immigrants, no matter what their previous educational training, cannot get a job at all and if they do it is often not related to their background or credentials. Career Connection / CanEX Co-op can also give you the opportunity to explore a career to make sure you are making the right choice for your future.

Let CALC’s Career Connection / CanEX Co-op program provide you with the Canadian work experience you need as well as class time to obtain Canadian school credits.
The Career Connection / CanEX Co-op is an 18 week full-time program offering in-school classes and a volunteer work placement to help you get the Canadian experience you need.

Students receive 6 secondary school credits, an 18 week program. Credits may be applied towards a Secondary School Diploma

Pre-placement period, in class daily attendance at CALC for in-school course

Balance of program: on-the-job unpaid placement in career related field.  


The Career Connection / CanEX Co-op Requirements:

  • Admitted to CALC
  • Assessed for ESL Level DO or better
  • Able to attend full day (up to 8 hours daily)
  • Interview with co-op department
  • Some special requirements for specific placements

The Career Connection / CanEX Co-op Costs

  • $20 Student Activity Fee for the whole year.
  • Transportation costs to school and to the placement  


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is CanEX Coop?
CanEX Coop is a course designed to help students gain Canadian work experience in their chosen field. CanEX Coop combines classroom instruction with an on-the-job placement. Up to 6 high school credits can be earned by taking CanEX.

2. When does CanEX Coop start?
There are currently two terms. One term runs from September to the end of January. The second term runs from February to the end of June.

3. How long is CanEX Coop?
CanEX Coop is an 18 week program.

4. Who can take CanEX Coop?
Anyone who is 21 or older and is legally entitled to work and study in Canada is eligible for CanEX.

 5. What are the requirements for CanEX Coop?
All students, regardless of educational background, must complete an English assessment to determine their speaking, listening, reading and comprehension skills (minimum level ESL EO).

6. How much does CanEX Coop cost?
The total fee is $130 ($30 Student fee; $100 refundable deposit fee). All fees are payable (Debit, VISA, Mastercard) at registration.

7. What is the time commitment for CanEX Coop?
CanEX is a full time program. Students must be available for possible class Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. – 3:05.p.m. and to go to their placement full time, whatever hours the employer determines.
8. Can I work and still be in CanEX program?
Yes. However, you must be available during the above hours.

9. Can I continue to look for a job?
Yes. In fact, we ask employers to allow students to attend interviews during the work day. However, we also assume that students will try to arrange interview times that are outside either class or placement hours whenever possible.

10. What will I learn in class?
In CanEX we cover a variety of topics all related to work. Some examples are: different types of résumés and when to use which type; interview skills; health and safety on the job; presentation skills, business communication skills; team work; Canadian work culture.

11. Can I skip the in-class portion of the program and just do the placement?
In order to be successful in CanEX, both components must be completed. Both components go hand in hand. The funding for the program comes from the Ministry of Education and it is the Ministry’s requirement.

12. Is there occupational training?
No. We assume that you have the training and need to gain Canadian experience. For those students who are looking to change careers or are considering a career, CanEX will help you get an idea of what is involved in that particular career.

13. Do I need a computer?
No. However you will need access to a computer outside class times. Most assignments require a computer and correspondence is done via e-mail so you will need an e-mail address.

14. Do I need to be really proficient using the computer?
No. You need to know how to use a computer and to access the Internet. 

15. Do I have to find my own placement?
Yes and No. No - We will help you find a placement. However, if you want to find your own placement, that can be arranged as well. Yes - If you are interested in an apprenticeship position then you will be asked to find your own placement.

16. Am I guaranteed to get a placement?
No. We will work with you as hard as you work to find a placement, but there are no guarantees. Normally, we are able to place over 90% of students.

17. What types of employers accept CanEX students?
We have had students placed with all different kinds of employers such as: government; hospitals; schools; large employers such as Toronto Housing, TTC; small employers and not for profit organizations.

18. What if I don’t like my placement?
No one is forced to stay at a placement that is not suitable. We expect that students stay for a few weeks before we try to find them another placement because there is usually a period of adjustment for both the employer and the student.

19. Will I be paid while working at my placement?
Placements are done on a voluntary basis. Some employers may provide TTC or a small honorarium, but they are not required to pay anything.

20. Will I get a job through CanEX Coop?
Some students have been hired by their placement employers. However, this is not a requirement of the program. Most students will find work in their field within 3 months of completing CanEX.

21. Why should I take CanEX Coop?
You will gain current Canadian work experience related to your field and a letter of reference from a Canadian employer. But more importantly, by taking CanEX you will improve your confidence – the key ingredient to successful job search.


Should you have any questions not answered please email:  

In the subject line put Co-op Program Inquiry

In the body of the email provide the essence of your question and please include your full name.