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Registration Info.

PREVIOUS STUDENT registration for Quad 3 is limited but we still have some courses available for returning students from CALC, or other TDSB and Ontario secondary schools who have recently achieved the pre-requisites.

NEW STUDENT Registration for Quad 3 is now closed. Registration for Quad 4 will begin in March. Please visit our Registration page Mid-March for information on when and where to pick up an appointment.  Meanwhile, if you are eager to further language studies in English, please contact the YMCA Language Assessment Services  to book an assessment appointment. Once you have the assessment you will likely be directed to a LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) in your local neighbourhood. Study at LINC until you reach level 5/level 6 and then you should be well-prepared to be successful in our ESL classes at CALC.

REGISTRATION FOR QUAD 4 will begin in March.  Please visit our Registration page mid-March for specific dates and registration instructions including when and where our appointment sheets will be available to pick up. 

Quad 3 will run from February 5th to April 18th, 2024. Timetables will be available for pick up on the first day of school for registered students.

Download the TDSB Connects app to access the school calendar, your timetable, the school agenda and other important information.  The app is available on Apple and Google Play.

2023/24 Quad Info.

Quad 1: Sept.7-Nov.10  (reg in June and August)

Quad 2: Nov.15-Jan.31 (reg in  mid to late October)

Quad 3: Feb.5- Apr.18 (reg in late Dec/early January)

Quad 4: Apr.24-Jun.26 (reg in late March)


The City Adult Learning Centre (CALC) is a secondary school that offers an academic program for adult students, ages 21 and over,  who wish to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or get compulsory credits to attend college or university.  We support all post secondary destinations: college, university, apprenticeship and workplace. 

Our innovative programs include CANEX Co-op,  Personal Support Worker and Childcare Assistant Certificate Program.

Registration to CALC takes place each Quad. Quads begin in September, November, February and April.


Toronto Public Library - FREE resources and programs!


Did you know that as long as you have an address in the city of Toronto you are eligible for a FREE library card with access to all their services? (scroll down from this site to find information in your language)

You can take computer classes and use their services, get access to Museum and Arts Passes, or get a digital access pass to be able to download resources on your phone or tablet.

They also have amazing, free programs for children and adults alike!

Make sure you use all the resources it has to offer!


help and support


Supports and Resources for our students have been sourced by TDSB Social Workers and CALC's community partners.  A list of supports can be found here.

Microsoft 365 - FREE for active TDSB students and staff

MS office 365 and all programs you can use with it

You can access Microsoft Office 365 for FREE as long as you are an active TDSB student.

Please click on thisMicrosoft Office link, and type in your *active* TDSB student email to access the program.

If you need help logging in to your TDSB account, see our "Tech Support" page for troubleshooting tips.

Export your TDSB Google Drive files

If you are an inactive student you cannot access any TDSB email / Google drive files

BEFORE you drop a course and become an inactive student, please use these instructions to transfer your existing Google Drive information to your personal files / email. This can be done through

Student Voice Matters!

Be the Change you want to see

Student Feedback Questionnaire

(time to complete approx. 2-3 mins)

The City Adult Learning Centre is committed to creating a safe, welcoming, equitable and accessible learning environment which promotes high levels of student achievement and well-being.  We know that your experience as Adult Learners is unique and honest feedback is an important part of helping us improve our students’ experience.  Please help us help  you by sharing your voice through the feedback questionnaire. The survey is made up of 10 questions. Your name and email address will NOT be collected and your identity will NOT be revealed to your teachers or the administration.  Feel  free to skip any questions that do not apply. Remember, at CALC your voice matters and we want to hear from you!