School Cash Online

School Cash Online

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Cliffwood Public School has launched School Cash Online, an easy to use, safe and convenient way for parents and guardians to pay for their children’s school agendas, class trips, etc. As TDSB is moving towards more of a cash free environment, we hope you will find this is a more convenient way for any school fees.

All school fees applicable to your child will be posted on School Cash Online. Once you register, you can choose to purchase the items or activities using a debit or credit card. You will be able to see when the school has a new item posted online for purchase and you also have the option to be notified whenever your child has a new school event requiring payment.

Items posted to our online store include:

Student Agendas

Recorders (for certain grades)

Scientists In School Programs

More items will be added as excursions are booked throughout the year.

To register for School Cash Online, please visit, select “Get Started Today” and complete the three registration steps. Once registered, you will receive an email notification when items become available online.

If you have questions about the registration process or using School Cash Online, please select the “Get Help” option on the top of page. You can also contact the School Cash Online Parent Help Desk at 1-866-961-1803 and The Parent Help Desk is available to assist parents/guardians with the registration process, password recovery, accessing your account or payment issues.