Courcelette Public School

Dogs on School Property

An important reminder that dogs are not permitted on TDSB property, even if they are on a leash. This includes after hours. Please tie your dog somewhere outside the school perimeter if you must bring your dog with you when you accompany your children to and from school. Exceptions to this policy include service dogs supporting students or caregivers. Families with a service dog should speak with the school administration.

We are lucky to be situated near the Silver Birch Off-Leash park at the beach. 

An incident at a TDSB school, in the spring of 2023, makes this message more timely. Our hope is that, with the support of all members of the community, we can continue to keep the Courcelette school yard a safe and welcoming space for all in the school community. Feel free to share this message with community members outside of the school community. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

TDSB Summer School

Explore various TDSB summer programs now open for registration at the TDSB. Programs include:



The TDSB has released  this outreach   2023-2024 Winter Well-Being Guide which is filled with activities, games, wellness tips, identity affirming resources and community agencies to support wellness for all students, caregivers/guardians, families, and school communities over the winter months!