Thanks to all volunteers! Congrats to all our students.

Teams and Clubs offered this 2019-2020 school year:

XC Gr 3 - 8 Head Coach- D. Robertson 

        with  T. Knight, L. Wilkins, G. Gesualdo, J. Toner 

Ice Hockey Gr. 6  - J. Moore & L. Wilkins

Jr. Girls Basketball - J. Moore & K. LIttle

Sr. Boys Soccer - J. Moore & L. Wilkins

Sr. Boys Volleyball - T. Knight & J. Toner

Yearbook - J. Baldwin & D. Fletcher

Caribou Math Club Gr. 3-4 & Gr. 5-8 - S. Gillan, D. Fletcher

Primary Floor Hockey Gr. 1-3 - H. Pennington

Choir - A. Panksep

Museum Club - C. Shaw

Mindfulness - S. Gillan & H. Pennington

Track & Field - Head Coach: D. Robertson & T. Knight & staff

Will add more info & teams as they become available throughout the year!

Thanks coaches & Volunteers! Thanks to our parent community for all the cheers and drives!

2019 gr. 6 girls basket ball conference finalists




junior hockey champions 2018



on the bench junior hockey jan 2018pow wow between periods junior hockey jan 2018Our Courcelette sign at XC City Final 2017 grade six boys team backs of jerseys 2017 at the east final at Thomson Park



Tee-Shirt Fun and more...




im with the band teeMs.R&bobo2018xcseason





dr seuss cant teach that tee



I'm a girl - what's your super power tee shirthawley pup bobo


meow's it going tee shirt