Mr. Napier as a veteran and as a sailor.

Mr. Rhydwen as a soldier and as a veteran.

Mr. Stone as a veteran and as a soldier.

Mr. Hussey as a veteran and as a dapper soldier with a mischieveous smile.

Our Vets

image of our Capt. Clarke with some of Courcelette's Intermediate students in 2017

Each Remembrance Day we have a special, formal service where our Veterans used to attend. Courcelette is very fortunate to have this history and tradition. We continue to recognize our alumni and veterans.

In 2016 and 2017 we were fortunate to have Capt James D. Clarke of the 32 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters from the Canadian Armed Forces attend our Remembrance Day Service and share his experience with our staff and students. In 2017 Mr. Ketchum also attended and was recognized as a veteran having served with the United States.

Mr. Napier visited our school and read with our primary children each and every Monday morning for many years. Our students loved interacting and reading with him. He was our last Courcelette alumni Veteran. Mr. Napier lived to his late 90s and passed away in February 2013. Please have a look at Hedy Korbee's video created at the end of the school year in 2011. We featured 'The Last Vet at Courcelette' at our Remembrance Day Service on Nov. 11, 2011. Special thanks to Hedy Korbee.

Mr. Hussey passed away near the end of the school year, 2011. We will miss him. Mr. Hussey attended our Remembrance Day assembly in November 2010 with his family and it was wonderful to see him! We wish his family well and hope that they continue to keep in touch.

Former Courcelette Alumni, Mr. Harry Stone passed away on Februrary 2009. Former Alumni Mr. Rhydwen passed away in 2005.

Mr. Bob Barrel, Mr. Doug Hutton & Mr. Ray Corley at Courcelette P.S. as veterans.

Lest We Forget To Courcelette's Veterans - We Thank You