Dorset Park Public School



Welcome to Dorset Park P.S.

Dorset Park students care about their school, community and the world. We have classes from Kindergarten to Grade 8. We also include four ISP Classes (Intensive Support Programs): Diagnostic Kindergarten, Primary DD (Developmental Disability), Junior DD and Intermediate DD.

Our philosophy is consistent with the South African phrase, umbutu. It means, "I am because we are."  The values of umbutu are universal. They include dignity, kindness, humanity, compassion.

Our Student Ambassadors have taken on a variety of leadership roles in the school. This year, many of the Intermediate students participated in a project called, "Be the Change". Our focus was for the students in the regular stream to learn about the strengths, needs and ways of communicating with the students in our ISP programs. 

We are very excited to see the construction of a new enclosed playground, designed specifically for the students in our ISP programs here at Dorset Park. We hope it will be completed before the end of the 2022 - 2023 school year. 

We encourage students to explore through inquiry-based, hands-on learning, indoors as well as outside. Students have watched baby chicks hatch thanks to our Intermediate DD class, and butterflies emerge from their chrysalises in Kindergarten. We have welcomed Scientists in the School as well as many volunteers from the community such as our local police officers, retired teachers and community helpers to support students in their learning.

Our library is a vibrant place. All of the resources have been vetted to ensure they are current and CRRP - Culturally Relevant and Responsive. There students have opportunities to create in our maker space or work with our librarian alongside their classroom teacher to explore a topic they are learning about in class. Do you have a title to recommend? Let us know. We would be happy to consider adding it to our library catalogue. 

Our students have connected with the Momiji Japanese Cultural Centre, a senior citizen's center for those of Japanese descent. It was a wonderful event where students and seniors connected with and learned about each other's cultures and generations.

Dorset Park students love their sports! This year we offered baseball, basketball, bordenball, volleyball, soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee as well as opportunities to compete in cross country and track and field. Students in our ISP classes participated in events here at school and/or at Variety Village.

Students have taken the lead to reinstate Eco-Schools at Dorset Park PS. They organized events such as the schoolyard cleanup, raising awareness of the energy we consume and encouraging students to bring a litterless lunch to school. Well done!

Parents/caregivers are informed about school events through email. Not getting our messages? Ensure the office has your most recent email address. (416-396-6205)

If you need to speak to the Principal directly, email is the best way to reach me:


Ms. Hammond