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Ms. Mohan               JK/SK 
Ms. Forde                 JK/SK
Ms. Peers                 Diagnostic Kindergarten
Ms. Jeong                Grade 1/2
Ms. Manohararaj      Grade 1/2
Ms. Kowalski            Grade 2/3
Mr. Fenwick              Grade 2/3
Ms. Boucher             Primary Developmental Disability Program (DD)


Ms. MacCallum         Grade 4
Ms. Ho                      Grade 5
Mr. Brady                  Grade 6
Ms. Gilani                 Junior Developmental Disability Program (DD)


Ms. Rielley                 Grade 7
Mr. Dunn                    Grade 8
Ms. Vase                    Intermediate Developmental Disability Program (DD)


Specialized Classes:

Mr. Alexopoulos         Physical Education and Health

Madame Pardhan       French (Grades 4 - 8)

SERT/MART               Mr. Horgan

Music                        Ms. Radhakrishna

ESL/Library                Ms. Coleman


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 Ministry and School Board Resources


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 TDSB Online Resources | TDSB Virtual Library | Peel Online Resources | Peel DDSB  Special Education Resources

Pearson Canada (Free Online Reading and Math Resources)

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