Mutual support and teamwork between the home and the school are fundamental to the establishment of the communication network needed to ensure effective programming and discipline for students. Parents and schools cannot assume that the development of our young people is an exclusive process and rests with one or the other party. It is a shared responsibility, and reflects our fundamental belief in the worth of persons irrespective of age, background, colour, creed, handicaps, native language, race or sex. This code has been developed in this spirit and will enhance the positive climate in our school.

Students Responsibilities:
• To attend school regularly and on time
• To respect and care for school property, personal property and the property of others
• To behave responsibly, co - operatively and politely during all school activities
• To respect the rights and privileges of all members of the school community
• To develop academic potential to the best of one's ability
• To accept the responsibility for one's behaviour and follow school rules

Staff Responsibilities:
• To provide an encouraging and challenging learning environment
• To respect the individual rights and needs of all students and to be fair
• To teach the curriculum according to the TDSB and Ministry guidelines
• To provide ongoing communication with students and parents concerning the child's progress, behaviour and attendance
• To work collaboratively with parents and students to define school needs and objectives
• To assist the students in following this code of behaviour

Parents Responsibilities:
• To provide an encouraging and nurturing environment
• To co - operate with the school in promoting regular and punctual attendance, to report any absence
• To provide the child with a suitable time and place to complete home assignments
• To encourage positive attitudes towards school and the school goals
• To be available for interviews relating to the child' progress and to discuss any concern directly with school personnel
• To help the child understand the values and expectations of the school and the reasons for courses of action

Courses of Action
The development of self-discipline and the acceptance of responsibility and understanding of the effects of one's behaviour are major factors in the development of each child. Assistance in this area is available through the classroom teachers, parents, principal or other professionals from the school board and outside agencies.

School rules and routines are established to ensure safety, the protection of individual's rights and adherence to the laws. Failure to comply with these rules and routines, and actions which demonstrate inappropriate behaviour will result in steps being taken which are dependent on the nature, frequency, severity of the behaviour and age of the students. Procedures for inappropriate behaviour are usually procedures that may include:

- interview with teacher - removal of privileges
- detention - parent/guardian
- counseling involvement
- interview with principal
- behavioural contracts
- temporary withdrawal from class or school - suspension from school
- restitution for damages to property, to the Board - involvement of the police  or to an individual
- recommendation for expulsion by the Board

At each stage, an attempt is made to: assist students in recognizing their errors in judgment, provide means of coping with similar problems in the future through self-discipline, and make appropriate restitution. Hopefully the fulfillment of these expectations will produce a healthy, happy and productive school environment for our students.

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