Duke Athletics



Gr. 7/8 Boys Basketball - Mr. St-Pierre

Practices: Wednesdays/Fridays @ lunch - SH GYM

Additional practices may be held on Tuesday mornings @ 8am - SH Gym 

Tournament: Wednesday, Jan. 30 @ Glen Ames M.S.

Gr. 5/6 Boys Basketball - Mr. Dennis

Practices: Mondays and Thursdays @ 7:45am (Woodfield Gym), Tuesdays @ 3:30pm



Gr. 7 and 8 Girls Volleyball - Ms. Oliveira

Practices: Tuesdays 7:45am (Woodfield Gym)

Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 8am(SH Gym) - - no practice on Jan. 17

Gr. 7 Tournament: Tues., Feb. 12 @ Forest Hill P.S.

Gr. 8 Tournament: Wed., Feb. 13 @ DA Morrison M.S. 


Gr. 5/6 Girls Volleyball - Ms. Fotopoulos & Ms. Kerr

Practices: Wed/Fri (7:40am Woodfield Gym)

Permission Form

Tournament: Monday, Feb. 11 @ Glen Ames (all day)




Gr. 5/6 and 7/8 Ice Hockey - Ms. Oliveira/Mr. Aishford & Mr. McIntyre

Ice Hockey Parent Letter 

Junior and Senior Ice Hockey Team Schedules

Code of Conduct 


Gr.5/6 Co-Ed Ball Hockey - Ms. Fotopoulos & Ms. Alexander

**PLEASE NOTE** As per TDESAA rules, students who are part of the Ice Hockey Team are not permitted to join the Ball Hockey Team.

Tryouts:  Monday, Jan. 14 (8am SH Gym) and Thursday, Jan. 17 (3:20pm Woodfield Gym)

Permission Form

Tournament: Wednesday, Feb. 6 @ Cosburn M.S. (pm only)


Gr. 8 Boys Volleyball - CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS!

Gr. 8 Boys Volleyball


Gr. 7 Boys Volleyball - Ms. Oliveira - CONFERENCE FINALISTS

boys volleyball

Gr. 5/6 Boys Volleyball 

5-6 Volleyball


Gr. 5/6 Girls Basketball

5-6 girls


Gr. 7/8 Girls Basketball

senior basketball


Gr. 7/8 Girls Football - CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS!



Gr. 7/8 Boys Football



Cross Country - CITY CHAMPIONS



Cross Country - Gr. 7/8



Cross Country - Gr. 4/5/6



Cross Country - Gr. 1/2/3



Gr. 8 Boys Cross Country Conference Champions



Gr. 7 Girls Cross Country Conference Champions



Gr. 6 Girls Cross Country Conference Finalists

Gr. 6



Boys Soccer 7-8


Gr. 7/8 Girls Soccer

Gr. 7/8 Girls Soccer


Gr. 5/6 Boys Soccer 

Gr. 5/6 Boys Soccer


Gr. 5/6 Girls Soccer  

Junior Girls Soccer



Gr. 4-8 Swim Club - Begins September 19

Mondays/Wednesdays @ 7:45am

Swim Club Permission Form

Gr. 4-8 Length Swim  (Deep Enders only) - Begins September 20

Tuesdays/Thursdays @ 7:45am

Length Swim Permission Form

Attached is a list of the current sports available at Duke of Connaught 2018-2019. 

Sports Seasons 2018-19

Duke of Connaught students acknowledge that it is a privilege and responsibility to be a member of a school team. Students are responsible for demonstrating appropriate and respectful behaviour at all times. 


Ms. Oliveira - Gr. 5-8

Ms. Hodgins - Gr. 1-6

Mr. Dennis - Kindergarten - Gr.1


Please see below for Gr. 5-8 Physical Education Program information. 

Ms. Oliveira September Information Letter


TDSB Health Letter to Parents


Concussion Information 

Guidelines for Parents

Quick Facts

Return to Play - Medical Forms

Return to Learn - Medical Forms

TDSB Concussion Policy


Thank you,

Ms. Oliveira