The Dundas Parent Council fundraises for the school through events like Bake Sales,
Movie Nights and our annual Dundas Fun Fair in June.
The Parent Council also has other ongoing fundraising programs, like partnering with
Indigo FlipGive and with Mabel's Labels,
which give a percentage of funds to the school. These funds support our students through
sponsorships of field trips, gym equipment, classroom equipment, and
special programs such as the Garden Educator and Scientists In The School.

If you would like to make a DONATION to the Dundas Parent Council you can write a cheque to
Dundas School Parent Council.
Please hand in cheques at Parent Council meetings or at the front office of the school.
All donations over $20 will receive a Tax Donation Receipt from the TDSB.


Current Fundraising Opportunities - October 2018

Mabel's Labels

Have you already been looking through the Dundas Lost and Found for your child's containers, water bottles, lunch bags, hats, hoodies, mitts, shirts and more??
Be sure to label all your kid's stuff with super durable and cute labels from Mabel's Labels.
On the home page, click on the "Support a Fundraiser" button on the left side. Then you can pick Dundas Public School (Toronto). 
A percentage of all you purchase will go straight to Dundas Parent Council!! 

Magazine Subscriptions, Cookie Dough and Indigo Gift Cards 

Dundas Parent Council is here to make your holiday gift shopping easier than ever.  This year, you can gift people a wide range of items and Dundas will get a percentage of the sales!! Shop for magazine subscriptions for your Aunt or your cousin.  Holiday baking is a lot easier with a tub of frozen cookie dough you can whip up in a hurry. These items can be purchased through our fundraising campaign with QSP. Or perhaps you have items to purchase at Indigo? With our Indigo FlipGive campaign, you purchase a gift card at Indigo and then Dundas Parent Council gets some money! 
Look out for more details on all these campaigns in your child's backpack in the next few weeks.



School Beautification at Dundas Jr. PS!

Please take a moment to read through this fundraising proposal created by Parent Council member Laura Sosin, in partnership with Principal Chatzis and Vice Principal McDonald. This presentation speaks to the importance of art to establish an engaging and creative space that will facilitate learning for all students at Dundas. This proposal was presented to the Parent Council executive team in March 2018 and endorsed by all executive members. At the April 2018 Parent Council general meeting, this material was again presented and discussed. Council members in attendance voted to dedicate the majority of parent council fundraising efforts for 2018-2019 and perhaps future years to the items included in this plan. Look for more updates as they become available.


Playground Revitalization Update

Did you know? In addition to the $40K raised by Dundas Parent Council for the installation of the new playstructure, the TDSB is investing approximately $200K into the Dundas campus?
Have a look at the plans for an overall revitalization of the school site!!
The drawings for the site can be viewed here.


September 2018 - Parents attending at the Dundas Curriculum night were able to see another ribbon cutting and photo-op for the playstructre, this time with School Board Trustee Jennfer Story, along with previous Parent Council members and school administrators.  The play structure had kids climbing all over it as all the 2018-2019 Dundas teachers and staff were introduced to all the parents! 

August 2018 - Construction fences were erected around the main field area that sits on the west side of the school and is shared with Queen Alexandra and with the highschool. Improvements will be made to the track surface and to the long-jump pit. Also, one baseball diamond will be removed and covered with grass. 

Summer 2018 - The kindergarten playground was resurfaced to improve the drainage in the area and hopefully lessen the amount of mud and frozen water that accumulate in the colder months.  Parents will now notice a thicker layer of engineered wood fibers covering the entire area under the trees that was grassy/dirt-covered. There were also new boulders installed for seating/climbing as well as the installation of a new outdoor chalkboard. The basketball courts remain fenced off. Progress on the new surface and new basketball nets is slow.

June 23, 2018 - Principal Chatzis, Vice Principal McDonald and City Councillor Paula Fletcher were all on hand at the beginning of the Dundas Fun Fair to celebrate the completion of the new play structure. This beautiful bright blue climber will be enjoyed by generations of Dundas students and by neighbourhood kids for years to come! Previous members of the Dundas Parent Council who were instrumental in initiating the fundraising for this goal were also able to speak. Special thanks to Audrey Gavin who provided the huge ceremonial red ribbon and scissors for the opening event.

June 2018 - The pit has been dug and prepared and gravel is now poured in.  Stay tuned for more information as to when the new play structure will be finished and inspected by the required safety authority. We are hoping to have the official opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony, as part of the Dundas Fun Fair on June 23, 2018!

April-May 2018 - Construction fences are now up!  Construction vehicles, equipment and supplies will be kept in these areas. Please be sure to remind your kids in Grade 1 - 5 to be extra cautious when moving around this area of the school.  All facilities staff who are working on the playground are required to sign in at the front office and co-ordinate with Dundas' Head Caretaker Joe Amato.

January 2018 - The TDSB Facilities staff have confirmed the play structure construction will go ahead in Spring of 2018.  The other initial element of the overall grounds will be the resurfacing of the basketball courts and the installation of the basketball nets provided by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE).

September 2017 - All funds raised for the playground construction are still sitting in trust with the TDSB. Unfortunately the estimates for construction have come back as too expesnsive.  The project will have to be re-tendered in a different way. Principal Chatzis is now working with TDSB Facilities staff to determine next steps. The hope is to separate out the construction of the playground and start it before the other elements of the overall revitalization.

June 2017 - Dundas Parent Council was able to contribute a total of $42,999.11. THANK YOU to all of the parents, families, community members, teachers and staff at Dundas who have helped to fundraise this money! Countless volunteer hours have gone to this effort. Please know that you have made a difference. This will be a lasting contribution to our school and community.

Spring 2017 - The TDSB Facilities staff have created a document to solicit bids on the construction of the playground equipment and area. Bid proposals are reviewed.  The hope is that construction will begin this summer.

January 2017 - Concurrent to the work of the Dundas Parent Council, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has  committed to revitalize the grounds surrounding Dundas, which also service Queen Alexandra Middle School and the SEED Alternative School. The TDSB is spending $215,000 to upgrade the school site: fencing and gates around the property, tree planting, resurfacing of the running track and hard court, replacement of long jump pits, sod replacement in the kindergarten yard, and repair of the soccer field. 

September 2016 - The Dundas Parent Council is continuing to dedicate nearly all funds raised to a new play structure to be placed in the southeastern corner of the Dundas property. Parents, staff and students have now been asked to give ideas for the play structure. The students were in favour of a slide and more climbing equipment. Following advice from the Board, Parent Council made a strong push to complete fundraising for the playstructure by June of 2017.

September 2015 - Parent Council decides to dedicate a majority of fundraising efforts to construction of a new playstructure. This will significantly reduce the congestion on the existing climber as the school population continues to grow. 

Please check back here or click through to the Parent Council Meeting Minutes to learn the latest!