At EYA, we offer a range of courses that focus on modern history, Canadian and World Politics, and Canadian Law. These courses are built on student-centred inquiry and an emphasis on engaging contemporary topics and themes. Students work together to investigate issues facing our world, develop pressing questions and explore solutions. Expect to be challenged by the curriculum, supported by the teachers, and rewarded for your efforts as you contribute to discussions, negotiations, projects, and the community.

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  • Law 11: 'You Have the Right to Remain Silent' - Canadian Law and Your Rights (CLU3M1) 
  • Law 12: Justice, Jurisprudence, Rights & International Law  (CLN4U1) 
  • Politics 11 & 12: Understanding a World in Crisis (CPC3O1/CPW4U1)
  • History 11: Origins and Citizenship  (CHE3O1) 
  • History 11: The United States (CHA3U1) 
  • History 11: Policing, Prisons, and Human Rights (CHT3O1) 
  • History 12: The World Since 1500 (CHY4C/4U1) 
  • Geography 11: Travel and Tourism (CGG3O1)

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