Support at EYA

Support Team at EYA

Students' Health & Wellness is a central priority at EYA. We work together as a team to provide the academic & mental health supports we know students need to achieve their goals. All EYA staff support students' wellbeing.  

  • We are a small school of 120 students with 6 teaching staff
  • Staff operate on a first name basis
  • We have a breakfast & snack program
  • TTC Tickets for students
  • A pantry program for students to bring food home
  • Two Guidance counsellors, Full-time CYW, Social Work Support & Academic Support
  • We also have experience coordinating services with agencies


The staff on this page make up our school’s support team.


Child and Youth Worker

Our CYW is on site five days a week to support students.  They check-in with students via phone, text and meetings. They support students’ attendance through regular supports, goal setting and social emotional well-being. 


Resource Teacher

Our Resource Teacher (IRT) is at EYA twice a week and supports students academically in-class, one-on-one and through credit recovery. If you have an IEP, the IRT updates it and shares the information with teachers to help with your academic growth and success. The IRT also helps students prepare for the literacy test, plan their next steps for after high school and more!


Social Work

Our Itinerant Social Worker is available each week. Appointments can be arranged through the Child and Youth Worker, the Curriculum Leader, or the Guidance Counsellor.



EYA is supported by a school psychologist. Appointments can be arranged through recommendation by the support team.


Guidance Counsellors

There are two guidance counsellors at EYA to help students with academic issues and provide support and resources for challenges students face inside and outside of school.


Youth Outreach Workers

There are two Provincial Youth Outreach Workers who support EYA students.  They help students connect with community resources, mental health resources, supports for housing and financial help as well as employment opportunities.