East York Alternative Secondary School

Considering a New School 21-22

Consider East York Alternative

East York Alternative offers an inclusive space where students flourish academically, socially, and in their personal growth. Our programme seeks to include student-directed, arts-focused, and social justice oriented education and provide opportunities for innovative, experiential learning that address the whole student. Here, teachers are compassionate and adaptable mentors who strive to help students reach their potential. Team-teaching and differentiated instruction facilitate learning that encourages students to appreciate interdisciplinary connections and to engage in community outreach. Students refine their critical thinking and teamwork skills as they collaborate on relevant projects with real-world applications. Our youth grow to be independent, self-governing adults while learning to appreciate connectedness - to their peers, to the school community, and to the world.


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Land Acknowledgement

Have you ever thought about donating money to a local school? East York Alternative has provided an engaging, supportive, and stimulating learning environment for thousands of students over the years - students who struggled in one way or another in the regular system and found EYA to be a place where they found community, confidence, and success. We operate on a limited budget and we do the best we can to make the most of the resources we have, but to fund student transport to and from school, field trips, and visits from professionals to enrich our programming, our students could always benefit from additional help. Please consider donating to increase our ability to expand the horizons of our students and to support their success in education.

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