PLAR for Mature Students

PLAR for Mature Students

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As a student at EYA your guidance counsellors can assess your prior learning and help you earn credits toward completing your high school diploma more quickly.  Prior learning can include: experience caring for someone else, work experience, volunteer experience, and many other life experiences.  Through this grade 11 & 12 equivalency process, you can earn up to 10 credits.

If you have not yet completed your grade 9 & 10 credits, we can give you an opportunity to complete tasks in English, Math, Science, History & Geography.  Through this grade 9 & 10 PLAR assessment process you can earn up to 16 credits.

If you are interested in this PLAR process, click the button at the top right "Apply for PLAR" and a guidance counsellor will follow up with you.

Please note: you must be a student registered at East York Alternative to apply for PLAR.