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East York Alternative offers an inclusive space where students flourish academically, socially, and in their personal growth. Our programme seeks to include student-directed, arts-focused, and social justice oriented education and provide opportunities for innovative, experiential learning that address the whole student. Here, teachers are compassionate and adaptable mentors who strive to help students reach their potential. Team-teaching and differentiated instruction facilitate learning that encourages students to appreciate interdisciplinary connections and to engage in community outreach. Students refine their critical thinking and teamwork skills as they collaborate on relevant projects with real-world applications. Our youth grow to be independent, self-governing adults while learning to appreciate connectedness - to their peers, to the school community, and to the world.

Some Program Highlights:


  • We can help students graduate more quickly by offering: up to 3 credits/quad or 6 credits/semester, that's 12 credits/year!
  • We have a flexible co-op program with part and full-time options as well as paid opportunities
  • OYAP apprenticeships in a wide variety of trades
  • Credit Recovery Opportunities
  • Visual Arts including silkscreening & T-shirt design
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Engaging, Project-Based Social Sciences and Canadian & World Studies courses
  • Highly individualized and supportive program in Math & Science
  • Our program supports students in all post-secondary pathways.