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Technological education focuses on developing students’ ability to work creatively and competently with technologies that are central to their lives.  Technological innovation influences all areas of life, from the daily lives of individuals to the work of business and government, to interactions on a global scale. It helps meet basic human needs and provides tools for improving people’s lives and exploring new frontiers. 

Technological education promotes the integration of learning across subject disciplines. For example, when students design a product, they explore the social or human need that the product addresses (social science), the scientific principles involved in its design and construction (science), its dimensions and shape (mathematics), and the aesthetic qualities of its design (the arts). When they assess the impact that new technologies have had – or may have – on society, students are exploring historical or current events. When they consider how various technologies affect health and physical well-being, they are looking into aspects of health and physical education. Students apply business principles to the study of the production and marketing of products. They apply literacy skills to communicate design ideas, produce reports summarizing technological projects, and write instructions for the use of the products they create. Technological education also helps students develop research skills and fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. In addition, in its emphasis on innovation to meet human needs, it encourages global citizenship and promotes social, economic, and environmental awareness. (The Ontario Curriculum, Technological Education)

The Tech Course: Create, Design & Produce (TIJ1O1)

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