Are you a hands-on learner?

  • Do you want a chance to try out a career to see if it’s the right fit for you?
  • Do you want to gain valuable experience to put on a resume?
  • Do you want to begin an apprenticeship while still in high school?

About The Co-op Program at EYA

East York Alternative Secondary School has been offering a comprehensive Co-operative Education programme for many years and is the only alternative high school in the TDSB with a teacher whose sole commitment is that of running a Co-op program.

How Does Co-op Work?

After a period of pre-placement class, in which students learn about health & safety in the workplace, essential workplace skills, resume writing and other relevant topics, students attend a work placement in the field with an employer who mentors them. This provides an opportunity to “try on” a career in almost any field of work and to earn high school credits toward graduation. Over the course of the semester, students continue to learn more about relevant workplace skills and issues. Students will finish the course with a personal portfolio that will be useful in future job interviews.

What Are the Options for Co-op?

  • If a student is interested in working in a trade in the future, they can be registered in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). While they attend their work placement, the student earns actual apprenticeship hours at the same time as they are earning high school credits. 
  • If a student is currently employed, we can tie that paying job to co-op credits. A student can experience the double benefit of earning high school credits and earning money. 
  • Work placements can be organized to earn 2 credits for a half-day, 3 credits for most of a day or 4 credits for a full day. It’s even possible for students to earn 5 or 6 credits per semester with co-op.

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