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Film (AWR2O/3O/4O/4M1)

The film course balances film studies with filmmaking as students develop their camera, story development, and film editing skills while also learning about the language of film and the four stages of the film production process. There is a mix of hands-on activities, study of film and film genres, and discussions on important topics such as representation in film and the role of movies in society.

Media Studies: Game Design

Course code: Media Studies: Game Design (EMS3O/IDC4O/4U1)

This course focuses on games as media texts and the elements of game design, whether for board games, role-playng games, or video games, A previous course outline can be seen below:


Media Studies and Popular Culture

Course code: Pop Goes the World (IDC4O/4U1)

Sample website:  Pop Goes the World! Unpacking Pop Culture.

As an interdisciplinary course, this course enables students to understand and demonstrate basic concepts in cultural studies, media studies, and sociology. Through individual and collaborative inquiry and research, students will develop information and literacy skills in analyzing, selecting, evaluating and communicating information.

What is this course about? Quite simply, it is about popular culture. With the help of a few pop culture thinkers, we will try to better understand what makes things popular, what popular culture is, and why it is so important. We will be exploring all areas of pop culture - music, movies, television, celebrities, books and magazines, social media, trends, fads, and fashion - through discussions, debates, field trips, surveys, interviews, reaching, and internet research. Be prepared to make videos and podcasts, discuss current trends and fashions, review television, film, and music, and report on present and future fads and patterns in society.