A Unique Teaching and Learning Environment

Equinox Holistic Alternative School is dedicated to the holistic teaching and learning philosophy, allowing for the child's "head, heart and hands" to be engaged in his/her day to day learning. Storytelling is an important part of our teaching, as well as outdoor education and social justice. Kindergarten children spend most of their day outside, whereas the Grade 1 to 8 students take part in weekly outings to local parks, ravines and woodland areas, observing and interacting with their environment.

Open House

Each year Equinox holds an Open House. The next one is on Thursday, January 23, 2014, 6pm. This is your chance to tour the school, meet parents and teachers, and have your questions answered. We’re not able to accommodate other school visits as we receive a large number of requests to tour and observe the school. In order to maintain the integrity of the program and the privacy of our students we have had to limit the number.

Equinox is a Toronto District School Board alternative school and as such is open to anyone residing in Toronto. For information on how to apply, please see the Parents section of this website.