Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in schools has many different forms. In the everyday life of a school, parent involvement is an essential part of an effective school. Parent involvement in schools can take various forms.

Maintaining Effective Two-Way Communication With Your School

When parents and educators communicate effectively, positive relationships develop, problems are more easily solved, and students make greater progress.

Developing Parenting Skills

The most important support a child can receive comes from the home and family. Nurturing and supportive family relationships have a positive effect on children's self esteem, self confidence and their eagerness to learn.

Assisting Children With Their Learning Activities at Home

Student learning increases when parents are invited into the process by helping at home. Enlisting parents' involvement provides educators and administrators with a valuable support system by creating a team approach that works for each child's success.

Volunteering in School Activities

Volunteer activities which support programs and services and therefore help students to be successful are valuable to the school. In turn, volunteers gain valuable experience and satisfaction from helping others.

Participating in Advisory Groups

Effective partnerships develop when each partner is respected and empowered to fully participate in the decision-making process.

Involving the Wider Community

As part of the larger community, schools and other programs fulfill important community goals. Many communities are able to offer a variety of resources valuable to schools and the families they serve.