October 16, 2020

Thank you for your continued understanding and support in

following the health and safety protocols mandated by Toronto

Public Health. I suspect that one of the primary reasons that we

have yet to see a confirmed case of COVID at our school is due to the

abundance of caution that our families have show with regard to

following Public Health guidelines and we appreciate those who have kept their child(ren) home when they are not well and even keeping asymptomatic siblings home ‘just in case,’ even though this is not required by Public Health. Your partnership is appreciated and critical in order to keep our school community safe for everyone.

Daily Health Pass/Symptoms

Please continue to sign the revised Health Pass daily to confirm that your child was screened at home and does not present with any of the identified symptoms. Moreover, having all of the passes signed enables the teacher to begin the school day that much quicker. The new pass categorizes symptoms differently. There are those that require self-isolation, testing or an alternate diagnosis immediately (Section 1). There are those that require 24-hour symptom free and can return if one (1) symptom; and isolation, testing or alternate diagnosis if two (2) symptoms.

The new form acknowledges children who have an existing health condition identified by a health care provider that gives them the symptoms. Those children should not answer YES, unless the symptom is new, different or getting worse. Importantly, look for changes from your child’s normal symptoms.

COVID-19 Decision Tool for School Students

Back to School Confirmation Form

Toronto Public Health has also provided a ‘Back to School Confirmation Form’ which will allow parent(s)/guardian(s) to confirm that the child is healthy and is able to return to school. This form is for students who are sent home from school because of suspected illness or a child identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Your child can bring it to school on the day that they return.

Self-Isolation of Cohorts – Principal Decision Guide

The Toronto District School Board follows direction from the Government of Ontario, which has provided a recommended process for school boards to follow in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school or administration site. The TDSB also works closely with Toronto Public Health, which is responsible for determining if an ‘outbreak’ exists, declaring an outbreak, and providing direction on outbreak control measures to be implemented as well as supporting contact tracing efforts.

The guidelines that we are to follow are frequently updated and modified to reflect that changing situation. One of these recent updates by Public Health included giving authority to principals to dismiss a positive case cohort(s) for self-isolation including classroom, bus, extra-curricular and before/after school programs within the school while waiting investigation from Toronto Public Health. Attached is an overview of the Decision Guide for principals to follow.


Thank you for your understanding with regard to the reorganization which was just implemented. The loss of two of our classes and two of our teachers (Mr. Markovski and Mr. Brown) had necessitated a fairly large-scale restructuring that affected most students in the school with either a change of class and/or a new teacher, new classmates and, at a minimum, a change in timetable. The TDSB now has some 66,000 students registered in the Virtual School with thousands having just switched between the options, with many more going virtual than returning from the Virtual School.

The next deadline to request a change in educational setting was set for November 6, 2020 but news released today is that, in an effort to bring greater stability, the November date to switch from one form of learning to the other will not be an option.

At this time it would appear that the end of Term 1 in February will be the next opportunity to move to the Virtual School or switch back to in-person learning.


Parent Conference Opportunity

This year’s virtual conference takes place over two days – Saturday, October 24th and Sunday, October 25th, which will include two amazing keynotes as well as a host of breakout sessions that you can choose to tailor to your own interests and needs. Learn more at www.parentsaspartners.ca

School Council

Last week we held our first School Council meeting of the year. Thanks to those to who were able to join the meeting. The work of the Council will definitely look very different this year, but the support and input are, as always, much appreciated. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 4th. Details will be given closer to that date.

Safety Patrol

Community officers from the Toronto Police Service (43 Division) were here last week to train our students who have volunteered to be part of our safety patrol crew this year. I know that you will support our kids as they work to help keep other students safe.

Terry Fox Run

Last week’s Terry Fox Run was a great success as classes took turns taking part in the run. We raised $570.00 as our donation to the fight against cancer and in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Terry's Marathon of Hope. If you wish, it isn’t too late to donate at: http://www.terryfox.ca/FairmountJPSScarborough. Receipts are emailed immediately and there is no minimum donation! Every dollar counts!

Outside Learning/Weather

Up to this point, we have been extremely fortunate with the weather as it has enabled us to go outside for recesses and lunch and for teachers to conduct some lessons outside. As we move into soggier weather next week, and colder weather in the weeks and months to come, please ensure your child is dressed to be outside for extended periods of time.

October 7, 2020

Pending Reorganization

Last night parents received an email from the TDSB regarding

pending reorganization in schools. I want to let you know that

this does impact our school. I’m sending this message to you so

that you won’t be surprised if you receive a letter indicating that your

child is affected by our reorganization. Though we don’t have a large number of students leaving our school to go to the Virtual School, we already had some of our classes well below the allowable limit of students per class and given the need to meet the staffing needs of the Virtual School,

We will continue to have 2 kindergarten classes and 3 intermediate classes, but we are losing one primary (grades 1-3) class and 1 junior (grades 4-6) class.

Obviously, losing a class in each of these divisions means that some students will need to move to a different class. However, the implications of this reorganization are a little more far-reaching in that we are also losing a few teachers, based on seniority, which means that almost all of our students are going to be affected in some way. For example, Mr. Brown is one of the teachers we are losing, which means that Ms. Cane will need to teach French to all of our junior and intermediate classes, which necessitates moving one of our other teachers to the intermediate division. So, you may very well receive a letter at the end of this week informing you that your child may be switching to another class and/or getting a new teacher beginning next week. We came into this year knowing that parents and students would have at least three opportunities to move to and from the Virtual School, which could result in reorganization for us. (We may need to consider adding resiliency and flexibility to our list of monthly character traits for 2020-2021.) The next opportunity to request a switch to or from the Virtual School is November 6th, to take effect on November 23rd.

Daily Student Health Pass

Prior to coming to school each day, please remember to screen your child for Covid-19 symptoms and, if they are free of symptoms, sign their Health Pass.

Student Health Screening Assessment:


Student Health Pass:


Students who do not have a Health Pass require screening which delays the teacher starting the class or from the student being able to join the class that has already started.

In advance of this weekend, wishing you a harvest of blessings, good health and good times. Happy Thanksgiving!

October 2, 2020

Thank you for your help and support as we know that many

parents and guardians spoke to their children about the

Importance of students staying in their assigned zones at recess

and lunch time and for reinforcing the need to wear masks and

maintain their physical distance. Fewer reminders were needed this

week. Thanks also to the parents for your co-operation in wearing a mask when on school property as this was as Public Health requirement that was announced last week.

Public Health Updates

Our community has been tremendously supportive and understanding with regard to signing the daily Health Pass and keeping their children home if they are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or if they need to pick-up their child from school if they develop symptoms after arriving. Yesterday it was announced that the province is changing the screening guidelines.


Our direction from the TDSB is to continue with the screening that we currently have in place until our processes and procedures can be updated, which should be in the coming days. Importantly, there is the recognition that identified symptoms are new or worsening but also different from your child’s baseline health status or usual state. More detail is provided for some of the symptoms which brings more clarity and not all symptoms carry the same weight with regard to our collective course of action. In the end, if your child isn’t feeling well, like in any other year, you need to keep them home, whereas in previous years we probably would have said you should keep them home.

“My child has a runny nose, what should I do? If your child’s only symptom is a runny nose, you should keep your child home and monitor their symptoms. When they feel better, they are ready to go back to school and no Covid test is required. If they get worse or develop other symptoms, contact your health care provider for more advice.”

A number have parents have asked if a child can come to school if their sibling is being kept at home because they are showing a symptom or symptoms. The answer is that others in the house who are not demonstrating symptoms can go to work or school. Some feel that it is prudent to keep the sibling home to be on the safe side but this is the parent’s choice.

COVID-19 School Decision Guide:


Know When To Self-Monitor, Self-Isolate or Send Your Child to School:


Immunization clinics that are provided to Grade 7 students in schools every year have been cancelled for this year as s part of the City’s COVID-19 response.


Vaccinations won’t be provided at school but are available from a student’s health care provider. Vaccines provide individuals with protection from non-COVID-19 diseases. Students visiting their health care providers for scheduled or urgent visits should not delay vaccinations at this time. Parents of Toronto school-aged children must provide their child’s vaccination information to Toronto Public Health.



September 30th was the deadline for the first opportunity for parents to switch to or from the Virtual School. We did not see a significant decrease in our overall numbers in that 8 students who are with us currently are going to the Virtual School after Thanksgiving and 1 student is returning. We will hear early next week if we need to reorganize some of our classes, which would take effect on Tuesday, October 13th.

Picture Day

If we are allowed to have a school photo day at all this year it will not be until after the new year.

Grade 8 Graduation – Class of 2020

Sadly, our in-person Grade 8 graduation that was originally scheduled for June 22nd at Birchmount Collegiate and then rescheduled for October 14th has had to be cancelled. Details of a virtual graduation celebration, including the time and date, will be coming soon.

School Council 2020-2021

Our first school council meeting this year will be a virtual meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, October 6th beginning at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome, including our families who are currently also part of the Virtual School as, we know, you are still Fairmount families at heart.

If you are interested in joining the meeting, please email us at Fairmount@tdsb.on.ca to request the link.

You can also connect with our community through Facebook at Fairmount P.S. SAC.

If you have any discussion items you would like to add to the agenda, please email one of our co-chairs, Julianne Lee at juliannefrank@gmail.com

This year is the 40th Anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope and Fairmount Public School is proud to be continuing the legacy of one of our greatest heroes.

Our students will be running/walking at various times throughout the day on Friday, October 9th. (Rain date is Tuesday, October 13th.)

Please join us and consider supporting this important cause by donating to: http://www.terryfox.ca/FairmountJPSScarborough.

Together, we can all make a difference.

September 25, 2020

Thank you for your on-going support of the school and your

cooperation with helping to make our start a success.

While things are different, we certainly are getting into more of a

daily routine.


Thank you for being very explicit and intentional with the child(ren) prior to coming to school each day and signing the required Health Pass on a daily basis. Most students are arriving to school with their pass signed, which greatly expedites the entry process and allows for teaching and learning to begin that much quicker.

Beyond obvious seasonal allergies that are normal for the child, please ensure that your child(ren) are completely symptom free when you go over the questions before school. If they have any symptom(s), ‘new or worsening’, they must be kept home. As much as we might want to, we at school are not in a position to make a judgement as to any of these symptoms and keeping a student home is definitely preferable for all than us having to send them home with one of the identified symptoms. This is a link to Toronto Public Health with the procedure. This link to COVID-19 testing centres and pharmacies that are now providing the testing.


What To Do If You Have COVID-19 Symptoms

The TDSB has updated the response plan and has provided explicit new guidelines and have made some modifications. The guidelines indicate that symptomatic students must remain home and are advised to seek a COVID-19 test or seek an alternative diagnosis from a health care provider. Students who do not receive a COVID-Test or an alternative diagnosis must self-isolate for 14 days and may return only AFTER the 14-day isolation period and are symptom free. Anyone with a close contact of a positive case (ie sibling, parent) must also self-isolate.

Updated Mask Guidelines

Due to a significant increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Toronto and Ontario, a new expectation that has just been announced is that parents/guardians/visitors, are now required to wear masks outside on school property. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

Students – Zones/Physical Distancing

We need your help. If this were a ‘regular’ year, the overall tone of the school and behaviour of our students has been outstanding. However, we are having issues helping some of our students appreciate the gravity of following the new procedures as directed by Public Health. Specifically, students need to remain in their specified zone with their class/cohort when outside for recess or lunch. The second is that they may remove their masks when they are outside, but only if they maintain the 2 metres physical distance from others. We recognize that this expectation is very much contrary to typical behaviour for all of us, but particularly children who just want to play as they always have. We continue to emphasize the importance of this non-negotiable rule that must be followed in order for us to do our part to prevent any of our students, and their families and extended families, from getting sick. Students who are finding this Public Health requirement too difficult to follow should consider switching to the virtual school in order to keep everyone else safe. To be clear, our youngest students have been the best at following the new expectation. Students in our intermediate division are the ones who are having the greatest difficulty appreciating the risk inherent in such behaviour. While difficulty assessing risk is common for students this age, and the behaviour they are engaging in has never been considered potentially dangerous in the past, times have changed and our practices have to change too if we want to prevent an outbreak at our school and in our community. Thanks for reinforcing this with your child(ren). Your help is appreciated.

School Council

Our First School Council Meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 6th. More details will be sent shortly.

Terry Fox Run

This year is the 40th Anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope and Fairmount Public School is proud to be continuing the legacy of one of our greatest heroes.

Our students will be running/walking at various times throughout the day on Friday, October 9th. (Rain date is Tuesday, October 13th.)

Please join us and consider supporting this important cause by donating to: http://www.terryfox.ca/FairmountJPSScarborough.

Together, we can all make a difference.

Ms. Vandenberg (Educational Assistant)

Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse… we are saying goodbye and congratulations to our incredible educational assistant Ms. Vandenberg, who will be retiring this week after a wonderful career that has culminated in the last 10 years at Fairmount. We wish her all the best in the next chapter of her life.

Week At A Glance

Monday, September 28 – Day 5

Yom Kippur Ends

Tuesday, September 29 – Day 1

Wednesday, September 30 – Day 2

  • Orange Shirt Day - a day when we honour the Indigenous children who were sent away to residential schools in Canada and learn more about the history of those schools.
  • Ms. Vandenberg’s last day
  • Deadline to inform us that you would like to switch from in-person learning to the virtual school or from virtual to in-person learning. Takes effect on Tuesday, October 13th.

TDSB Recognizes Orange Shirt Day on September 30, 2020

In 1973, 6 year-old Phyllis Webstad was excited to wear her new orange shirt to her first day of school. Phyllis says of the shirt, "it was so bright and exciting—just like it felt to be going to school!" When she arrived at St. Joseph Mission Residential School, her shirt was taken and never given back. For Phyllis, "the colour orange has always reminded me of that and how my feelings didn't matter, how no one cared and how I felt like I was worth nothing. All of us little children were crying and no one cared."

Established in 2013, Orange Shirt Day recognizes the legacy of the Residential Schools System for First Nations, Métis and Inuit families and communities. By wearing orange, we acknowledge the history of Residential Schools in Canada and we honour Survivors.

(The next opportunity to switch is request deadline November 6th to take effect on November 23rd.)

Thursday, October 1 – Day 3

Friday, October 2 – Day 4

September 18, 2020

 On behalf of the staff at Fairmount, I would like to thank you for

your patience and flexibility and welcome back all of our families

from last year and extend a warm welcome to the new families

who have joined our community. The last school year was one like no

other and this one has already proven to be one unto itself as well.

We are thrilled to be back in school and are very happy to see many

of our students have returned. We will do our best to make school as interesting and as fun as it should be but there will be many new policies and procedures that we are required to implement for the purpose of keeping everyone safe. Our hope is that these are temporary but following them is precisely the way to best ensure that they are in fact an interim measure. While we, of course, will implement all procedures that are required of us by Toronto Public Health and the TDSB but in doing so we may find that there may need to be adjustments after we put them into practice. I thank you in advance for your understanding and support. While it may look a different this year, I look forward to an exciting and fun year of teaching, learning and exploring. As always, we will make the best of the situation in which we find ourselves. On behalf of the staff we would like to welcome back all of our families from last year and extend a warm welcome to all of the new families who joining our community.

You will soon receive an email from the TDSB with an electronic version of some of the forms that need to be completed each year, specifically those in the larger box below. Please let us know if you do not receive the TDSB email or if you prefer to complete all of the forms in hard copy.

The Lunch Permission form and the Medical Form will go home in hard copy.

Forms Include:

Medical Forms

All applicable sections must be filled in. If a section does not apply, please put a line through it.

Lunch Permission Forms

Complete the section that is applicable to your child. A if they are staying for lunch and B if your child can leave school for lunch

Codes of Conduct Form

Walking Excursion Permission

Student Media Release

Permission to Leave School in Severe Weather Conditions

Use of Personal Email Address

Anti-Spam Legislation

Accepting the Board’s Code of Conduct and On-Line Conduct

This allows teachers to take students off of school property but within our immediate community

One section is for outside media and the other is for our own school use such as photos on our Twitter feed

This applies only to Grades 6-8

Allows us to communicate with you via email

This allows us to send you electronic messages that may promote or advertise if it involves a cost or a fee

Generally, classroom information will be sent to you by your child’s teacher and more school-wide information will be shared through newsletter format of the ‘Falconer’. The information from the Falconer is also on our website, which can be found at https://schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/fairmount

You can also follow us on our Twitter account - @FairmountPS

The other attachment with this email includes some general school procedures/policies/information that you may find useful. Please understand that changes to some of these routines are possible and even likely if related to our evolving approach to handling issues related to Covid-19. Any changes to any of these items will be communicated as they become known to us or should we be in a position to change our practices in an effort to be more responsive to the needs of our students and community. 

Parent/Guardian Information Guide

2020-2021 School Year

Fairmount Public School


Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. Food is the most common cause of anaphylaxis, but insect stings, medicine, latex, or exercise can also cause a reaction.Ninety percent of serious food allergic reactions are caused by peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, milk, fish, soy, egg, wheat, sesame, and food additives.

The Toronto District School Board’s Policy and Guidelines for Supporting Anaphylactic students is reviewed annually with school staff, including lunch supervision staff. Working together with parents and students, a key goal is to work towards making the school “Allergy Safe”.Current registration procedures require parents to inform the school of life-threatening allergies and parents are required to assist the school in developing a specific plan for the child.

If your child has life-threatening allergies you must:

  • supply the school with information regarding the specifics of the life-threatening allergies
  • make an appointment to meet with the principal, office administrator, or teacher to develop an individual plan for your child
  • provide 2 up-to-date epinephrine auto-injectors for your child (students, where age appropriate should carry one with them at all times and an extra one should be left with the office)

Ways everyone can help:

  • NO NUTS PLEASE –please avoid sending peanut butter or products with peanuts, sesame, tree nuts, or other nuts listed in the ingredients
  • feel free to visit www.anaphylaxis.caandwww.tdsb.on.ca for more information.


If you need to pick up your child for an appointment, you can call ahead and we can have your child waiting for you when you arrive or you can pull up to the front of the school and call the office and your child will be called down to the office and sent out to you. If your child is too young for this ‘curb-side pick-up’ or if you don’t have your phone, please use the intercom at the main entrance and your child will come down to the office.

At the end of the day, students will exit the building through their designated dismissal door, not the front door.Please arrange a suitable location to meet your child outside the school building.


We will not be able to hold our usual monthly assemblies in the gym this year but we will still teach, celebrate and recognize various student achievements and positive behaviour and citizenship through various means, including the awarding certificates.


Absence: When your child will be absent or late please call 416-396-6240 and provide the necessary details.Please try to call before 8:30 a.m. to leave morning attendance information and/or 12:30 p.m. to leave afternoon attendance information.When student absences are known in advance please send a note to your child’s teacher with the specific information.

Late Arrival: If your child arrives after their class has entered the building they will need to enter through the front door and go to the main office to sign in, at which time they will be marked late. Students are required to enter the classroom with a late entry slip as an indication of arrival through the office.If you need to pick your child up for an appointment you please call ahead so that we can have your child ready and waiting for you outside the office for when you arrive. Thank you for following our routines as they are in place to ensure the safety of all students.

We remind all parents/guardians/care providers that interruptions in classroom entry and exit cause distractions which require time adjustments and limit the learning experience.Consistent attendance and punctuality are essential in providing a successful education for all students.


When the reason for a child’s absence is unknown, the automated call-out system will contact a parent/guardian, at the first and second contact numbers provided, to confirm that the student is safe.Please ensure you press “2” after listening to the automated message as an indication that you have received the message, otherwise the automated system will continue to call you. If it is not possible to locate a parent/guardian, the emergency contact listed on the student’s information card will be called. Please notify the school immediately if a home, work, or contact number changes during the school year.


Your child may have a cell phone. However, unless they are being used in the classroom with the permission, and under the supervision of a teacher cell phones are not be used at school. This means that they are to be turned off and to remain out of sight at all times throughout the school day. This includes texting and social media, even during recess and lunch breaks. This allows students to focus better in class. Students are also not allowed to photograph or video-record schoolmates during school hours unless they are under the supervision of a teacher. Phones not powered off will be held by the teacher or the office for the remainder of the day, with a phone call placed home to inform parents. We ask that all calls to and from the school please be made through the office.

We understand that this can be a contentious issue for some of our older students but we are asking for your understanding and support with this particular issue.We understand that many students may be very responsible with regard to appropriate cell phone etiquette, but the reality is that some students do engage in inappropriate behaviour that lead to issues such as cyber bullying and taking of pictures of others without their consent.

We understand that your child may have a cell phone for safety reasons, such as walking to or from school, but it isn’t required for safety while they are at school. Moreover, despite what some students may feel, a little less ‘screen time’ isn’t going to hurt them as we encourage them to focus on their work, play, and interact with others in person


Students are expected to behave in a responsible and acceptable manner when they are at school or participating in a school event.Behaviour expectations are regularly reviewed throughout the year.

Consequences for infractions are also discussed with students, and parents need to be aware of the policies that govern our consequences.Please read the following sections in your child’s agenda: the Code of Conduct, Student Athletes Set an Important Example, Getting The Most Out of Excursions and Field Trips, Code of On-Line Conduct and Consequences of Inappropriate Student Behaviour Chart,so that you are able to discuss behaviour expectations and consequences with your child and support us as we implement our model of progressive discipline.

Fairmount is a great place to learn. The Code of Conduct is used as a guide for our behaviour.Staff and parents must work together to teach our children how to behave responsibly and appropriately.

The Code of Behaviour guides actions and interactions.It provides a guide for all students and adults to follow while at Fairmount and supports us in teaching students how to behave responsibly and appropriately.

Responsibilities of Students:

  • help maintain a safe and clean learning environment and dress appropriately
  • be prepared and ready to work with teachers and other students
  • respect others by valuing the ideas and efforts of others regardless of race, culture, religion, gender or language and respect the property of others and the school
  • obey the rules developed in the Safe Schools Policy
  • report any strangers or inappropriate behaviour immediately to a staff member

Responsibilities of Staff:

  • be punctual and prepared, and be a positive role model for students
  • provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for learning
  • comply with school rules and the completion of assigned duties
  • communicate information about student behaviour, progress and attendance to student, parents, and administration, and ensure that each child experiences success
  • help each student develop confidence and a healthy self-image

Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians:

  • act as a partner with the school and ensure that students attend school regularly and on time
  • assist in preparing students for school through the provision of a proper, nutritious diet and appropriate dress
  • ensure that students have adequate sleep and a quiet place to work
  • maintain communication with the school regarding changes in student circumstances, attendance and other concerns that might affect the student’s progress or behaviour
  • encourage students to develop a positive and responsible attitude toward education, the school, school staff and school-related activities

Progressive Discipline

The Toronto District School Board believes in progressive discipline, a whole-school approach that uses a continuum of interventions, supports and consequences to both promote positive student behaviour and address inappropriate behaviour. The philosophy of this approach is to use disciple that is in proportion to the severity of the behaviour as well as keeping in mind the previous disciplinary history of the student. The range of interventions or consequences used by the school include strategies such as:

creating contracts with students

time outs/detentions

loss of privileges to participate in specified school activities

individual or group counseling

restorative practices/restitution for damage or stolen property


Parents will be contacted and informed of the behaviour so that school and home can work together to implement any necessary interventions. The action of the school will also look at the needs of the individual student (i.e., special education, cultural sensitivity) and meet Board policies on anti-racism and equity.


Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher(s) if they have any concerns about academic progress or social needs at school.Email is often the easiest way to contact them but alternatively you can call the school or send in a note to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your concerns. Unfortunately, face-to-face meetings are being discouraged at this time, so telephone conversations are likely the best way to engage with your child’s teacher.



All of our classrooms that are currently in use have sinks so students will wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer. This process will take place every time a student enters the classroom. While we have hand sanitizer, students may wish to bring some of their own for their exclusive use.


All people entering the school are required to conduct a COVID-19 (self) assessment prior to entry on a daily basis. Parents are asked to conduct an assessment at home and sign and date your child’s Health Pass each morning in order to expedite the entry process. It is important to keep your child home if they present with any of the symptoms. While we recognize that many of the symptoms are relatively common and do not necessarily indicate the person has the virus but the protocol that we are required to follow for a student who presents with one of the symptoms is quite stringent and, assuming that the student simply has one of the symptoms and it isn’t COVID related, it is far more convenient to keep your child home for a day than to have to take them for a COVID test or, alternatively, keep them home to isolate for 14 days. There is an option to screen with the paper Health Pass or to use the ServiceNow Health Screening App but, for now, we are going to just use the paper Health Pass.


Fever, Cough, Difficulty Breathing, Sore Throat, Trouble Swallowing, Runny Nose, Red Eyes, Loss of Taste or Smell, Not Feeling Well, Tired or Sore Muscles, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea

(It is best if the screening is done at home as you are in the best position to determine if your child is truly feeling out of sorts. We do probe if screening and asking questions related to ‘being tired’ or ‘sore muscles’ as there tends to be a perfectly logical answer to these questions that have nothing to do with feeling ‘unwell’ but we are not in a position to make a judgement with regard to some of the others if the student asserts that they have any of these symptoms.

Wellness Room

When a student presents with a symptom they will be escorted to our ‘Wellness (Isolation) Room’ where they can comfortably stay while arrangements are made for them to be picked up.

Health and Safety Practices

  • As outlined by Toronto Public Health
  • Practice physical distancing of 2m as much as possible
  • Conduct daily screening of COVID-19 symptoms
  • Wear a mask or face covering when physical distancing is not possible
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Practice respiratory etiquette by covering your cough or sneeze
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth

Health and Safety Processes – COVID-19

Protocols are changing with regard to how to deal with someone who is presenting with any of the symptoms. You will be kept updated as to changes.

The most recent updated guidelines stipulate that, “An Employee or Student who is symptomatic with COVID-19 symptoms and does NOT go for testing, must self-isolate for 14 days from the start of symptoms. After 14 days, if well, they can stop self-isolating.”

Staff and Student Scenarios:

-Close contact with a direct person who tested positive – individual is to stay home and will need to get tested. Negative results and they can return to school after 14 days.

-Person has COVID symptoms – individual goes home and is encouraged to get tested. If the test is negative, they can return to school after 24 hours.

-Person has Covid symptoms and the individual chooses not to take a COVID test – the person can return to school after 14 days if they are no longer showing symptoms.

Mask/Face Coverings

Staff and visitors must wear Level 1 or 2 medical masks when indoors and outdoors when unable to maintain a physical distance of two metres.

Students must wear masks or face coverings while in school, but they are not required to be medical masks.

During the school day, teachers will allocate time for students and themselves to have mask breaks, including outdoor time (if possible) where masks can be temporarily and safely removed and stored.

Consideration should be given as to what a student plans to do with their mask while they are outside. Does your child have a pocket they can put it in? Will they wear a fanny pack? It might be a good idea to keep a spare mask in their backpack and possibly two ziplock bags, one marked ‘clean’ and one marked ‘dirty’.

Outdoor Activities & Recess

Teachers are encouraged to extend the learning environment beyond the traditional classroom and into the outdoors on a daily basis.

Students will participate in recess activities with their classmates in accordance with cohorting protocols and procedures. Masks and face coverings are not required while outdoors.

During outdoor activity, physical distancing must be maintained between different classes/cohorts as they should not mix.

Virtual Learning

For students whose parents/guardians have chosen to continue their child’s learning at home, there are Virtual Schools fully online and staffed by TDSB teachers. Students will take part in synchronous (live/online) learning throughout the day.

Managing COVID-19 in a School

The Government of Ontario has provided a recommended process for school boards to follow in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school.


The TDSB takes its lead from Toronto Public Health, who is responsible for determining if an outbreak exists, declaring an outbreak, and providing direction on outbreak control measures to be implemented. It’s important to note that even though an outbreak may be declared in the school, Toronto Public Health will assist in determining which cohort(s) may be sent home or if a partial or full school closure is required based on the scope of the outbreak. Please note the response will depend on the unique circumstances of each case. In the interests of privacy, information provided to school communities will not identify the student or staff member that has received a positive COVID-19 test. If Toronto Public Health advises that a class, cohort or a school should be closed for a period of time, parents, students and staff will be notified immediately.


Students may wish to bring their own device to school for their exclusive use. In the spring, thousands of devices were collected from school across the TDSB and loaned to students who required a device to continue their learning on-line. In our case, 64 of our Chromebooks were distributed to TDSB students who request a device. Given that virtual schooling has continued, these devices have not been collected and returned just yet. We do still have some technology in the school, but some students may wish to bring their own device and may indeed be more comfortable having a device that is for their exclusive use. Teachers will ensure that these devices are safely stored.


We encourage all parents to monitor how their children dress for school each day.Clothing that has inappropriate words or pictures (e.g. racist, promoting drugs or violence, etc.) may not be worn at school.In addition, please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, as all students are expected to go outside for recesses.

It is essential that all students wear shoes inside the building at all times. In the event of an emergency such as fire or even a fire drill, students will not be able to stop and put on shoes or boots. The chances of slipping on the floor are also reduced with proper footwear. Running shoes are necessary for all gym classes. We request that all students have two pairs of shoes/footwear for school - indoor shoes and outdoor shoes/boots to help us keep our school clean and safe.


Kindergarten – all entry and dismissal will be from the same door for both classes. Please remember to maintain physical distancing while waiting outside for your child.

Grades 1-8 - Students will line-up at the designated marking for their class in the morning and the classroom teacher will come to get them and lead them to their classroom door. At the end of the day, the teacher will lead them to this same place and dismiss them from here, recognizing that not all students will necessarily be waiting for an adult for pick-up. At lunch, students will be dismissed from their designated classroom door.





Kindergarten A – Room 12

Ms. Rosekat

Ms. Surette

Classroom Door #9A at the west side of the building

Kindergarten B – Room 10

Ms. Friedlander

Ms. Sutherland

Classroom Door 9C – at the front of the school

Grades 1/2 – Room 16

Ms. Thompson-West

External Door #8 – near the portables

Grade 1 – Room 14

Ms. Cheyne

External Door #8 – near the portables

Grade 2 - Room 18

Ms. Woodall

Classroom Door 7C – near the Kindergarten Area

Grade 3 – Room 5

Ms. Lyons

Classroom Door #3C – the alcove to the left of door #3 (parking lot door)

Grade 4 Room 4

Ms. Cole

(Mr. McCready)

Classroom Door #3B – the alcove to the left of door #3 (parking lot door)

Grade 5 – Room 9

Ms. Jeffrey

Classroom Door #4A – centre of the school, to the right of the large blue container

Grade 5 – Room 6

Mr. Carr

Classroom Door #3D – the alcove to the left of door #3 (parking lot door)

Grade 6 – Room 7

Ms. Misner

Classroom Door #4B – centre of the school, to the right of the large blue container

Grades 7/8A – Room 23

Mr. Wood

External Door #3 – near the parking lot at the east end of the school

Grades 7/8B – Room 20

Ms. Laurin

External Door #3 – near the parking lot at the east end of the school

Grades 7/8C – Room 21

Ms. Cane

External Door #3 – near the parking lot at the east end of the school


It is extremely important that all emergency information kept in the office is accurate and up to date. Please ensure that the school office has:

  • The correct telephone numbers for parents and/or legal guardians, daycare providers, and emergency contacts
  • A list of all medical concerns of which the staff should be aware
  • A spare Epi-Pen or inhaler to be stored in the office if your child normally carries one, and where the child is old enough, s/he will transport the Epi-Pen or inhaler with them.

An information card with contact information will be sent home within the next couple of weeks, please indicate any changes on this sheet, and sign it.Please return it to your child’s teacher.


The TDSB is committed to providing equitable access to learning opportunities for all students. This includes our ongoing commitment to human rights, equity, anti-racism, anti-indigenous racism, anti-Black racism, anti-oppression, and ALL forms of racism and discrimination.

The TDSB values the contributions and engagement of all members of our diverse community of students, staff, parents/guardians, Elders and community groups. Inequitable treatment leads to outcomes that do not accurately reflect the abilities and potential of our students. We acknowledge that equity of opportunity of access to our services and resources are critical to the achievement of successful outcomes for our students and families. The TDSB acknowledges that we must take a focused, explicit, persistent and determined action to identify, challenge and overcome systemic bias, oppression and discrimination. Our school system is built on the principles of non-discrimination, anti-oppression, anti-racism, equitable and inclusive education which is a foundation of excellence in a diverse society and is a fundamental requirement for educational excellence and high standards of student achievement.We are committed to: meeting individual needs, identifying and eliminating barriers, promoting a sense of belonging, and involving the broad community.

The Board and our school are committed to ensuring that:

  • The curriculum of our school accurately reflects and uses the variety of knowledge of all peoples as the basis for instruction
  • All of our students are provided with equitable opportunities to be successful in our system
  • Parents and community groups are provided with equitable opportunities for working with staff and with each other for the benefit of all students
  • Students, employees, parents and community partners are provided with effective procedures for resolving concerns and complaints which may arise from their experiences of unfair or inequitable treatment within the school system

(from the TDSB Equity Foundation Statement)


The research on homework indicates that some regular work at home can increase student achievement.For primary students in Grade 1 to Grade 3, the effect of homework on achievement is negligible and that the positive effect of homework on achievement increases only as the age of thechild increases. Children from Grade 4 through high

school benefit the most from homework.

Doing homework is an important part of schoolwork.There are four types of assigned homework.Each type has a different purpose.

1)Completing work not finished at school.

2)Practising new skills learned during the day.

3)Preparing work for upcoming lessons.

4)Extension activities that expand concepts or skills.

Most homework will take the form of reading, playing games or having discussions with family members.In the late Primary or early Junior grades, homework may become more independent.

Homework will not be assigned to students who are going away for an extended period (e.g., a trip to another country) or during school holidays.

Please visit www.tdsb.on.ca for more information about the TDSB Homework Policy


The Board authorizes the involvement of designated staff in the essential administration of prescribed medication only when all of the following conditions apply:

  • the use of the medication is prescribed by a physician;
  • the medication is essential for a student to continue to attend school;
  • it is necessary that the medication must be taken during school hours or during school events;
  • it is not appropriate for the student to self-administer the medication; and
  • the student’s parent/guardian or other authorized adult is not reasonably able to attend at school to administer the medication.

In order for any student who meets the above conditions to receive medication at school, a parent or legal guardian must give written authorization, with clearly written instructions from a physician. The physician and parent or guardian must complete the appropriate T.D.S.B. form, which can be obtained from the school office. All medication must be given to the principal or office administrator to be stored in an appropriate area. No medication is to be kept in the possession of the student, with the exception of inhalers to control asthma, and Epi-Pens. Students carrying these items must be instructed to never share them with anyone and must know how to use them safely and correctly.


To safeguard the health of others, we ask that any child who feels ill be kept at home.If a student feels ill while at school, parents will be notified to make arrangements for his/her care.If the child has a communicable disease (chicken pox, influenza, pink eye, etc.) or head lice, parents are requested to notify the school as soon as possible. Where serious or persistent health issues are identified or presented, school staff will consult with, and follow directions provided by the Toronto Public Health Department. Minor injuries such as scrapes and bruises will be treated at the school while more serious injuries will result in a call to the student’s parents and/or emergency contacts.


This year, students will not be admitted early due to inclement weather so please plan your time of arrival and choice of clothing appropriately. Students will, of course, remain inside during extremely cold days, as per board policy, and during truly rainy days but they will be going outside as much as possible as part of their instructional day and to get a ‘mask break’ so please send them to school prepared to spend time outside.


Our lunch hour will look significantly different this year. Students who stay for lunch will eat their lunch during instructional time so that an adult, their teacher, is present. This will look different in different grades but ideally the students will eat while they are working/learning. Students who go home/leave the property for lunch will continue with their work until they are dismissed for lunch at 11:30. At this time, the students who stay for lunch will go outside, to their designated zone for the day. They will remain outside, in their zone, for the entire hour so please make sure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.

The lunch program has always been for students who have no one at home over the lunch hour and for whom no other arrangements can be made.If there is an adult at home, or if the student is old enough and responsible enough to go home on their own, then a student should go home for lunch.They are welcome to stay on days when they have an extra-curricular activity or on a day when a parent/guardian needs for them to stay.For students who stay on a regular basis, parents must complete, sign and return a Permission To Stay At School for Lunch form to the school before your child is allowed to eat lunch at school.Students staying at school for lunch are expected to stay on school property at all times, unless a phone call or note specifying alternate arrangements is received by the classroom teacher or school office. If you have indicated that your child must stay at school for lunch and it comes to our attention that he/she has not stayed and thus defied your wishes, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Any student who is unwilling or unable to behave in an appropriate manner will have his/her lunch program privileges suspended or terminated.It will be up to the parent to make other arrangements.Please emphasize with your child the importance of good behaviour and a respectful attitude towards the lunchroom supervisors. Please also reinforce with your child the importance of remaining in their designated zone with their class/cohort.

Please ensure that your child’s name is on his/her lunch bag. As well, we ask that students bring litterless lunches, encouraging students to use reusable containers and water bottles. Any uneaten food or packaging from the lunch will be taken home with the student.

Special lunch days (e.g. Pizza Lunch Days) are to be cancelled until further notice. Not that this has happened with students at our school but food delivery services are not allowed at this time.


The parking lot on the east side of the school is barely large enough to accommodate school and board personnel, therefore visitors are asked to park on neighbouring streets where street parking is legal. Please help us exercise courtesy with our neighbours by not parking in front of driveways.


One of the many new policies that we have had to implement this year in an effort to keep students as safe as possible is to do what we can to keep classes/cohorts separate from each other. To this end, we currently have 11 Grade 1-8 classes. We have divided our school yard/field into 11 ‘zones’ with each class being assigned a different zone for a given day. (They rotate sequentially each day.)

Students are asked to remain within their zone in an effort to minimize the exposure to other students who are not in their class, thus reducing the overall number of contacts for a student. We recognize that this is restrictive for students and will certainly alter their options during their recess and lunch hour but we are hopeful that they will be able to adapt to this, what we hope, will prove to be a temporary measure. Please talk to your child to help reinforce why Public Health requires us to implement such measures and the importance of remaining in their assigned zone.


In the spring we determine what classes we will have in September and which students will be in each of these classes.This is developed based on our projected enrolment for the upcoming school year.However, sometimes the actual numbers vary from what was anticipated or we realize that we need to better balance our classes by moving some students from one class to another. In a typical year there is one time for reorganization, toward the end of September. This year students/parents have chosen between face-to-face learning in school and attending the virtual school. As a result, our planning that we had done in the spring had to be revised just before the start of school. There will be three opportunities for students to switch from in-school learning to the virtual school or vice versa. This means that we could potentially have to reorganize three more times between now and February. We always try to minimize changes during the reorganization period but a change in our enrolment in addition to the class size limits in all grades will make this more of a challenge. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation should your child be affected by any changes in their classroom placement and ask that you see it as just one more consequence of the pandemic and the impact it has had on all of us.

Opportunity to Change

Deadline for Requesting a Change

Date the Change of Class Would Take Effect

One Month into School

September 30th

October 13th (day after Thanksgiving)

Following the Progress Report

November 6th

November 23rd

Following the First Report Card

January 29th

February 16th (day after the Family Day holiday)

Daily Routines and Expectations:

  • Coming to School
  • Before Classes Start
  • Leaving the Building and School Property
  • Expectations for Yard Behaviour
    Students are expected to:
    • use appropriate language at all times
    • use recess time to play cooperatively or socialize
    • respect designated play and out of bound areas
    • follow instructions provided by lunch supervisors and school staff
  • Expectation for Using the Washroom and Drinking Fountains
  • Guidelines for General Courtesy
    Students are expected to:
    • use acceptable forms of language and be aware that slang or street language is not acceptable at school
    • remember to use words like “please”, “excuse me” and “thank you”

Students are expected to arrive at school ready to learn and should:
• be well rested
• be dressed appropriately for the weather

• have everything they need for the entire day
(e.g. Lunch, homework, clothing appropriate for outdoor recess, forms, etc.)

Students are expected to:
• wait outside until the bell rings
• stand clear of the doors and keep doors closed until the sound of the bell
• remember that the use of the front doors is not necessary if you are at school on time
• enter the building quietly

Students are expected to:
• be ready and quiet when the bell sounds for dismissal

• walk quietly in the halls at all times
• leave the building and school property immediately once dismissed unless they have extra-curricular activities, or require extra help
• wait quietly in designated areas if being picked up by a parent or guardian

• older siblings who pick up younger siblings must pick them up outside the appropriate doors

• students are expected to be picked up promptly at 3:20 pm daily, as this is dismissal time.Your co-operation with this is greatly appreciated.

• particularly now as we try to minimize student movement through the hallways, students will not be allowed to congregate or wait on a daily basis in the front foyer. If for some reason students are not walking home on a given day, ensure you have a pre-selected meeting place

Students are expected to:
• water fountains are currently unavailable for use, so students are asked to bring a refillable container from home. We do have a refilling station for students to use.
• each section of the school has access to their own washrooms. There is a maximum capacity for each of these washrooms which is posted on the door. Students are required to respect this number as it is for their own well-being. They are required to respect the facilities and report any concerns to the office immediately

• walk in the hallways and use ‘indoor’ voices


The School Council is one of several ways that parents/guardians can support their child’s education. It is made up of an elected committee of parents, staff representatives, appointed community members, the principal, and a general membership that includes all parents of children attending the school. The School Council at Fairmount provides support and advisement for the enhancement of students’ education and meets most months throughout the school year.Nomination forms for specific positions will be sent home each year should we have a number of people who wish to hold the same formal position. However, if a ballot does not come home for the position of chairperson, secretary or treasurer it is because only one person came forward to express a willingness to hold this particular position of responsibility, or two people have agreed to share the role. All parents are welcome to attend council meetings. The meetings are usually held in the school library and the specific dates and times are announced in email format but this year, until further notice, meetings will be held virtually. This year’s first meeting will be in October and a code/link to access the meeting will be sent home in advance.


All schools in the TDSB have a buzzer entry system at the front door.This means that our front door will be locked at all times.If you need to gain entry to the school, please push the button and one of our office staff will speak to you through the intercom and/or then unlock the door via a remote release. All other doors to the school will be locked throughout the day and only opened for student entry and dismissal. All schools are discouraging visitors at this time in an attempt to reduce possible exposure to the Covid-19 virus. However, should you need to enter the school, please call ahead and upon entry, you will see a screening table. Please complete the health screening and the contact tracing form, sanitize your hands and a mask if you do not have one of your own. You may then proceed to the main office, which will be on your right-hand side.

If you are simply dropping off something for your child, you can let the office staff know that you are dropping something off for your child and you can leave it on the table and your child will be called down to retrieve it or it will be delivered to your child’s classroom. (If possible, it is best if the item is labeled in some way in case there happen to be multiple items in a short period of time.)

Kindergarten to Grade 8

8:42 am -11:30 amMorning Program

Recess 9:55 -10:10Grades 1-8

11:30 am - 12:32 pmLunch Break

12:32 pm – Afternoon Program Begins

Recess 1:55-2:10Grades 1-8

3:05 pm - Kindergarten Dismissal

3:20 pm - Regular Dismissal Grades 1-8

To foster punctuality and ensure a good start to the day, students should arrive at school a few minutes before the bell. The recommended time is 8:40 am and 12:30 pm.

The paved area in back of the school is the designated waiting area for gr. 1-8 and supervision is provided from 8:27 -8:42 am.The kindergarten students will enter through their classroom doors at the front of the school (Ms. Friedlander/Ms. Sutherland) and at the east side of the school (Ms. Rosekat/Ms. Surette).


The traffic in front of the school during peak times of drop-off and pick-up is an ongoing issue in the community as we are concerned for the safety of our students.

As an Eco-school, we encourage walking to and from school, however, if you drive your child to school, please ensure that you do not pull into the school parking lot. If it is absolutely necessary to drive your child to school, please note that the city has restricted parking on Sloley Road in front of the school so make sure that you are legally parked on one of the side streets, but please be mindful of our neighbours who live near our school. Please ensure that your child is using safety practices when crossing the street to and from school, as we do not want students running across any roads without appropriate supervision. Model appropriate manners and respect by paying attention to and following the instructions of our student safety patrollers who are trying to help keep you and your children safe.


Your child must leave valuable items such as jewellery, cameras, cash, or hand-held electronic games at home.The school cannot be responsible for any loss or damage done to these expensive items.We are sorry to say but valuable items do go missing or get stolen.As well, the school will not take responsibility for any loss or damage done to bicycles left in the school yard.Clothing items such as jackets, running shoes, boots, and personal items such as lunch bags and backpacks should be labeled with your child’s name to prevent these items from being lost.


A reminder that parents for our school, and parents for the daycare, are not allowed to enter the building and go to their child’s classroom. This is a rule every year for the purpose of physical safety, but this year it is required for the purpose of Public Health stipulations. If there is a situation where a parent or caregiver needs to enter the school, they will need to sign-in and out so that tracking information is provided and available so Public Health can be given the information as to who was in the building on a certain date and time should it be necessary.

The visitor’s book is located on the front table as you enter the front door of the school.


Until further notice, we will not be able to have volunteers in the school. We are hopeful that this changes in the near future.


Teachers and lunch supervisors are scheduled to supervise specified areas around the school at appropriate times throughout the school day.Rules for safe and courteous play are enforced and suitable language is expected.


The school grounds and play areas are property of the Toronto District School Board and under school jurisdiction during the school day. Dogs are not permitted on school property at any time unless for a prearranged student educational program (e.g. CNIB, Kindness Club) or with the principal’s permission.

As an ECO school we encourage students to walk or ride to school.Wearing a helmet to ensure student safety is mandatory as it is the law.The items listed above however, should not be used on school property to avoid injuring other students who share the pavement in the yard. Bicycles left at the school are left at students’ own risk as we are not responsible for any damage or stolen bicycles.

These items should not be brought from home unless special permission has been granted from the teacher or school office.

Fairmount Public School

Staff List


Principal: Mr. Carson

Kindergarten: Ms. Rosekat, Ms. Friedlander

Early Childhood Educators: Ms. Surette, Ms. Sutherland

Grade 1Ms. Cheyne

Grades 1/2: Ms. Thompson-West

Grade 2: Ms. Woodall

Grades 3: Mr. Lyons

Grades 4: Ms. Cole (Mr. McCready)

Grade 5: Mr. Carr

Grade 5: Ms. Jeffrey

Grade 6:Ms. Misner

Grades 7/8: Ms. Cane, Ms. Laurin, Mr. Wood

HSP/SERT:Ms. Ravindrarajan

Grades 4-6 French & other Gr.4-8 Subjects: Mr. Brown

Various K-3 Subjects: Ms. Johnston

Intermediate Subjects:Mr. Markovski

Educational Assistants:Ms. M. Vandenberg, Ms. Vignarajah

Office Administrator: Ms. Habenschuss

Secretary: Ms. Willems-Perri

Caretakers: Mr. Duggan, Mr. Colley

Lunchroom Supervisors: Ms. Abbas, Ms. Jalil, Ms. McKenty,

Ms. Nazir, Ms. Porquet, Ms. Venkatakrishnan

Guidance Counsellor: Ms. Nicholson

Psychologist: Ms. Kampe

Social Worker: Ms. Clarke

Speech and Language Consultant: Jordana Krofchick

Special Education Consultant: Ms. Bartlett

*This list is accurate as of September 17th but is subject to change






The Dates of Additional School Events Will be Communicated When Finalized

Tuesday, September 15 First Day of School – SK, 4, 8

Wednesday, September 16 First Day of School – JK, 1, 7

Thursday, September 17 First Day of School – 2, 3, 5, 6

Wednesday, September 30 Deadline to request change to virtual or in-school

Monday, October 14 Thanksgiving

Tuesday, October 15 Reorganization Takes Effect

Friday, November 6 Deadline to request change to virtual or in-school

Tuesday, November 17 Progress Reports Go Home

Friday, November 20 Professional Activity Day – No Classes

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Monday, November 23 Reorganization Takes Effect

Friday, December 18 Last Day of School

Winter Break - Monday, December 21 to Friday, January 1

Monday, January 4 School Resumes

To Be Announced School Photo Day

Friday, January 15 Professional Activity Day – No School for Students

Friday, January 29 Deadline to request change to virtual or in-school

Tuesday, February 9 Report Cards Go Home

Friday, February 12 Professional Activity Day – No Classes

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Monday, February 15 Family Day Holiday

Tuesday, February 16 Reorganization Takes Effect

March Break Monday, March 15 to Friday, March 19

Friday, April 2 Good Friday

Monday, April 5 Easter Monday

Monday, May 24 Victoria Day

Friday, June 4 Professional Activity Day – No School for Students

Friday, June 25 Report Cards Go Home

Tuesday, June 29 Last Day of School for Students

September 11, 2020

As we prepare to open our school next week and welcome back our students, or welcome those new to our school and community, we are doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of all school community members, while also providing the best academic experience possible for students, supporting mental health and well-being, and considering the needs of families and staff.    

As mentioned in the last Falconer, this week we were using the revised numbers of students who have indicated that they will attend school in person next week to revise our classroom organization and staffing models.

Our new classroom organization model, with the corresponding teacher, and entry/exit door is as follows:




Kindergarten A – Room 12

Ms. Rosekat/Ms. Surette

Classroom Door #9A at the west side of the building

Kindergarten B – Room 10

Ms. Friedlander/Ms. Sutherland

Classroom Door 9C – at the front of the school

Grades 1/2 –

Room 16

Ms. Thompson-West

Main External Door #8 – near the portables

Grade 1 – Room 14

Ms. Cheyne

Main External Door #8 – near the portables

Grade 2 - Room 18

Ms. Woodall

External Classroom Door 7C – near the Kindergarten Area

Grade 3 – Room 5

Ms. Lyons

External Classroom Door #3C

Grade 4 Room 4

Ms. Cole

(Mr. McCready)

External Classroom Door #3B

Grade 5 – Room 9

Ms. Jeffrey

External Classroom Door #4A

Grade 5 – Room 6

Mr. Carr

External Classroom Door #3D

Grade 6 – Room 7

Ms. Misner

External Classroom Door #4B

Grades 7/8A – Room 23

Mr. Wood

External Door #3 – near the parking lot at the east end of the school

Grades 7/8B – Room 20

Ms. Laurin

External Door #2 –

The door at the end of the hall near room 20 that leads to the front of the school

Grades 7/8C – Room 21

Ms. Cane

External Door #2 –

The door at the end of the hall near room 20 that leads to the front of the school

Note that, with the exception of our two kindergarten classes, which will line-up at the designated door, Grades 1-8 students will line-up on the pavement at the back of the school. It is not necessary to search for the appropriate entry door as the class will gather on the pavement on the place indicated for their class and the teacher will meet them there and lead them to their class door. (In many of these cases, the classes will use the external door that leads directly into their classroom.

You will receive an email or contact from your child’s teacher, letting you know which

class your child is in to start the year.

The first week of school will be a staggered start. Once a grade starts their first day, they will continue to come for the rest of the week.



Mon. Sept. 14

No Students

Tues. Sept. 15

SK, Gr. 4, 8

Wed. Sept. 16

JK, Gr, 1, 7

Thurs. Sept. 17

Gr. 2, 3, 5, 6

Fri. Sept. 18

All Students

In previous years, schools often have to reorganize or make some adjustments to classes once it is determined whether or not the projected enrolment was accurate. This year may prove to be a year in which there could be a series of reorganizations depending on changes to our enrolment and the need to do our best to meet the provincial caps that have been put in place in all grades to better manage physical distancing. Some families/students have chosen in-school learning and others have selected to begin the year learning virtually. There are three opportunities that have been communicated as the chance for students to switch from one of these formats to the other. These dates are as follows:

Opportunity to Change to Virtual or In-Person Learning

Deadline for Requesting a Change of Learning Platform

Date the Change of Class Would Take Effect (Reorganization)

One Month into School

Wednesday, Sept. 30

Tuesday, October 15

Following the Progress Report

Friday Nov. 6

Monday, November 23rd

Following the First Report Card

Friday, January 29th

Tuesday, February 16th

These ‘reorganization’ dates could possibly reflect changes in classes and/or teachers for our school and for students. While it is far too soon to predict whether or not this could happen, it is important that you know ahead of time that is a very real possibility.

There are many things about this school year that are going to be very different and new to all of us.

School Hours

Morning Entry Time: 8:42

Recess – Grades 1-8: 9:55-10:10

Lunch – All Grades: 11:30-12:32

Recess – All Grades: 1:45-2:00

Kindergarten Dismissal: 3:05

Dismissal - Grades 1-8: 3:20

Entry/Dismissal Procedures

Kindergarten – all entry and dismissal will be from the same door for both classes. Please remember to maintain physical distancing while waiting outside for your child.

For Grades 1-8. Students will line-up at the designated marking for their class in the morning and the classroom teacher will come to get them and lead them to their classroom door. At the end of the day, the teacher will lead them to this same place and dismiss them from here, recognizing that not all students will necessarily be waiting for an adult for pick-up. At lunch, students will be dismissed from their designated classroom door.

School Preparation

Teachers will be spending time in class discussing and reviewing the necessary protocols related to the wearing of masks and appropriate and necessary hygiene reinforcing the importance of hand washing and using hand sanitizer. Students will notice significant signage in the school detailing these important protocols and arrows and decals on the floor reminding them which side of the hallway to walk on to maximize distance from someone moving in the opposite direction. Teachers have done their best to improve physical distancing in the classroom by best utilizing the spacing of desks and tables and removing any items/furniture that is not essential.

Self-Assessment Prior to Coming to School Every Day

All parents/guardians are required to complete a screening at home to ensure that their child does not have any Covid-19 symptoms prior to arriving at school.https://www.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/94e5-Survey-poster-Schools.pdf

We were anticipating the need to screen students again once they arrive at school but we have just learned that Toronto Public Health has approved the use of a ‘Health Pass’ that is a daily indication from the parent/guardian that a student has been screened by the parent and that they do not exhibit any of the symptoms.

There is an app that can be used or a paper copy that can be brought and shown to the teacher upon entry. We will likely begin with the paper copy of the ‘Health Pass’ and then leave it to the teacher’s discretion as to which method is preferred for their class.


The TDSB has been working over the summer to review building ventilation and filtration systems and is implementing a number of strategies to improve ventilation in our schools and increase the volume of fresh air to the maximum extent possible.

These strategies include:

• Ensure that exhaust fans are running and keep them running for additional time at the end of the school day.

• Ensure clean filters are installed prior to the start of the school year and inspect regularly to ensure they don’t become clogged, or hinder airflow.

• Increase the frequency of filter changes from 4 times per year to 6 times per year to maintain performance.

• Follow recommended maintenance measures for air handling systems including inspection and replacement of filters.

• In the case of older schools like Fairmount, open windows to provide outdoor air.


Students should wash their hands regularly with soap in either warm or cold water. Hand sanitizer will be provided for classrooms that do not have sinks but our classrooms are indeed equipped with sinks so handwashing can be done in the classroom. While we expect that we will also have hand sanitizer in our classrooms, you may wish to consider sending a small container of hand sanitizer with your child so that they have ready access at any time for their exclusive use.

Water Fountains

Toronto Public Health recommends that water fountains are not to be used to drink water but might be used to fill water bottles. Students are encouraged to carry individual refillable water bottles to come filled from home, though we do have one water bottle filling station in the school.

Lunch Time

Students are strongly encouraged to go home, or make alternate arrangements, for lunch as the lunch hour will look very different this year than in previous years. All students, K-8, who stay for lunch will bring a litterless lunch as they will need to take home any uneaten food or packaging materials from their lunch. All students (K-8) will eat their lunch in the classroom during instructional time, finishing in time for the 11:30 break. At this time, students who go home for lunch will be dismissed to go home and all students who stay for lunch will go outside and go directly to the section of the property that is designated for their class for that day, where they will remain for the entire lunch period. (The rear of the school will be divided into 11 sections to reflect the 11 Grade 1-8 classes that we currently have.) The outdoor Kindergarten area will be divided in two for those in the two classes who stay for lunch.

If your child is staying for lunch, please be mindful of the weather as they will be outside for the entire hour. Any students who go home for lunch or who are permitted to go out for lunch off school property would be expected to remain off property until just before afternoon entry. Students who have performed the active screening in the morning do not need to be actively screened again upon re-entry during the day.

Until further notice, school pizza lunches are not allowed.

Visitors to the School

All school visitors must:

•Enter through the main entrance and conduct a COVID-19 health screening.

•Wait to be invited into the school office to ensure appropriate physical distance.

•Sign-in and out for safety and contact tracing.

•Physically distance to the extent possible while in the office.

•Wear a mask.A mask will be provided if needed

•In the case where families would like to speak with someone at the school, please call or email the school directly.

•Parents/caregivers who require a meeting with a teacher/school staff to discuss non-emergency issues, will do so by phone or virtually where possible.

How can I prepare my child for school?

• Practice wearing a mask at home for extended periods of time.Children can practice wearing their mask while on the computer or other devices.

• Label all of your child’s belongings with their name.

• Decide what will work best for them to store their mask when they are not wearing one and where to keep a spare mask. They could have a fanny pack that could also include a personal bottle of hand sanitizer or bring 2 Ziploc bags (one marked clean and one marked dirty).

• Ensure to wash masks after daily use.

•Pack lunch in reusable containers as everything from lunch will be returning home

• As always, we will make available school supplies for all students. However, if you choose, you may want to consider sending your child with his or her own personal supplies for their exclusive use. We will have any and all necessary supplies available and will do our best to ensure that they are properly sanitized. (Remember when we used to encourage children to share?)

• Be ready to drop off/pick up your child outside of the school so decide where is the best meeting place for you and your child(ren)

Checklists for Families


School Council - Two Upcoming Events

Saturday, September 12 - Fairmount Clean-Up Day – 10:00 AM. Bring a leaf bag and gardening tools if you can to help beautify our school property.

Monday, September 14Back to School Chalk Art – Anytime – Come by and write a message, create some artwork on the walkways to welcome students and staff back to school

September , 2020

I know that there are a lot of questions that remain about what

our school will look like when we open and what some of the

Procedures will be.

This edition of the Falconer won’t necessarily give you all of the

answers, but I want to let you know where things stand as of this

moment and what you can expect to know and, ideally, when. In a normal year, you would already know ‘everything’ but this year there are still things that we don’t know because we are awaiting the information to make decisions or we are working out logistical issues within the parameters that have been provided to us.

Please know that while we will do our best to put the best possible procedure in place, we may end up changing some things once we put something in practice and find there are things we didn’t anticipate. While we hope this isn’t the case, I want you to know that realistically it not only is probable but is also, though frustrating, a positive thing because we are being responsive and making a change to make the procedure better and more realistic.

Our staff met this week and worked out some general operational/organizational procedures:

Entry and Exit

Each class will line up on the pavement behind the school. This will be marked in some fashion with a pylon and/or markings on the ground. When the bell goes, students from that class will line-up in the same place morning. Teachers will come and retrieve their students from this location. They will need to conduct the Covid screening for the students in their class so if you bring your child to school it is ideal if you can wait until after your child has been screened before you leave in case your child answers ‘yes’ to questions that are part of the screening. At the end of the day, teachers will bring their classes to this same location for dismissal. (The thinking is that we can better ensure that students from different classes are not mingling too closely to each other while in line.)

Typically, during inclement weather, students would be admitted to the building early. This will no longer happen because we cannot cluster a large number of students in a hallway and they cannot go to their classroom prior to the start of the school day. So, on these days, or any day really, come prepared for the weather and to spend time outside.

Teachers will endeavour to take their students outside as much as possible and to provide opportunities for them to take a break from wearing their mask so appropriate clothing for the weather, including rain, is essential.

Students are required to wear at mask when inside so students need to be prepared to put their mask on right from the start of the day upon entry. Masks are not required when students are outside. However, consideration should be given as to what a student plans to do with their mask while they are outside. Does your child have a pocket they can put it in? Will they wear a fanny pack? It might be a good idea to keep a spare mask in their backpack.

Parents Entering The School

A reminder that parents for our school, and parents for the daycare, are not allowed to enter the building and go to their child’s classroom. This is a rule every year for the purpose of physical safety, but this year it is required for the purpose of Public Health Protocols. If there is a situation where a parent or caregiver needs to enter the school, they will need to sign in at the office so that tracking information is provided and available so Public Health can be given the information as to who was in the building on a certain date and time should it be necessary.

For students who exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 or confirm that they have symptoms, they will go to our Wellness Room (isolation room). Parents/caregivers will be contacted and they will need to come to the school and pick-up their child. Note that symptoms include a runny nose and a sore throat, which are also symptoms of the common cold. So, while in previous years you may have very well sent your child to school because it is ‘just a cold’, this year you would need to keep them home because these are also symptoms that are part of the Covid-19 screening process.

Recess and Lunch

While our recess and lunch times will look very different, we are very fortunate to have the give of space behind our school which will make it easier to maintain physical distancing.

Once we know how many Grade 1-8 classes we have, we will divide our yard space into the same number of sections behind our school. (If we have 10 classes then the space will be divided into 10 sections.) When students go outside for recess or lunch, they will be assigned to one of these sections for a given day. It will be an opportunity to go outside but they will be required to stay in the area that is designated for their class.

Students will eat lunches and snacks in their classrooms during instructional time with their teacher where they will remain in their assigned seats. Students need to bring litterless lunches and take home any and all wrappers or packaging. At the start of the official lunch break, students who go home for lunch will go home and those who stay for lunch will go outside for a supervised break in a designated play area for their classroom/cohort.  Outdoor play structures will remain closed in all schools.

So, students who stay for lunch will go outside, to their designated area, from 11:30-12:30. You can see why it is encouraged, where possible, for students to go home for lunch. It would be particularly important for students to be dressed for the weather. (Note that the time for lunch cannot be reduced at the present time because a reduction in the lunch hour would necessitate an earlier dismissal at the end of the day and we don’t have an opportunity for a wide enough consultation with parents.)

We expect that the routine for Kindergarten can remain the same, each class has their own lunchroom supervisor so they can eat in their class and take turns using the outdoor kindergarten space.

Parents recently completed a survey declaring whether or not their child(ren) would return to school or go to the virtual school. For our school, 72% are starting the year at school, 23% are beginning the year at the virtual school and 5% did not complete the survey.

In the spring, we went through a classroom organization/staffing process in order to plan for this year. That information will now be revised based on the new information as determined by the results of this survey. Any time now, we are to receive a new staffing allocation sheet that is based on this new enrolment and the classroom/grade cap sizes. This means that next week we will need to create a new classroom organization model.

This could very well necessitate reassigning students to new classes and reassigning teachers to new teaching assignments. (It is possible, even likely, that some of our teachers could be redeployed to teach at the virtual school due to a reduction in enrolment at our school.)

Once this is in place, you can expect a contact indicating your child's teacher's name, room number, entry door number and specific start date, which will be during the week of September 15th.

As soon as we know, you will be informed as to what this new classroom organization model looks like, which class your child is in and what you need to know for the first day of school.

The first week of school will be a staggered start for students.

This means that not all students will start at the same time, but once your child starts, they will continue to come for the remainder of the week.

Monday, September 14th – No students attend school

Tuesday, September 15th – First day of school for Senior Kindergarten, Grades 4 and 8

Wednesday, September 16th – First day of school for Junior Kindergarten, Gr. 7 and 7

Thursday, September 17th – First Day of School for Grades 2, 3, 5, 6

August 31, 2020

We are excited to start welcoming students back via staggered by grade

beginning on Tuesday, September 15th (more specific information to follow).

There are many questions and concerns that everyone has right now with regard to what the return to school will look like. The purpose of this message is to give you a preliminary overview and share at least some information with you right now. To help ensure and maximize the safety of our staff and students, there are many routines and procedures that we, as a school, have relied on in the past that will now need to change or be modified.  We are asking in advance for your support and patience as we work to make this transition as smooth as possible.  It’s important to note that the online registration survey closed August 29, 2020 for parents to indicate their choice for either a physical return or for a return to school via a virtual school.  If you did not receive this survey via email, phone calls will be made to families with no record of responses on file as the next step in collecting this much needed data. Note that we have learned that there has been some flexibility built into this process with dates for parents to request a change from one option to the other:

Opportunity to Change

Deadline for Requesting a Change

Date the Change of Class Would Take Effect

One Month into School

September 30th

October 13th (day after Thanksgiving)

Following the Progress Report

November 6th

November 23rd

Following the First Report Card

January 29th

February 16th (day after the Family Day holiday)

Below is some of the general changes to anticipate upon your child’s return to school.  More guidelines will follow as teachers return to school to help work out additional logistics and determine how to best operationalize the requirements for our specific school.

Before coming to school, all staff and students are expected to conduct a daily self-assessment for COVID-19 Symptoms (use the other attachment to access screening poster).  Students will enter through their designed doors, a second screening (with a staff member) will take place.  Should COVID symptoms be present (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat with trouble swallowing, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, sore muscles, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) the student will be escorted to a designated 'isolation' room and a parent/guardian will be asked to pick child up as soon as possible. (We may need to come up with a better name for this space!) A future email will let you know which are the designated entry/exit doors for which classes/rooms.

Upon entry, all students will be required to wear a mask. It is preferred for students to bring their own mask but if they do not have one, or have forgotten theirs on a given day, one will be provided. (Students are permitted to wear cloth masks.) Students will also need to use hand sanitizer/wash their hands upon entry into the school/classroom.

Visitors are asked to contact the school for an appointment. For everyone’s safety, where possible, meetings/appointments are to be held over the phone or via online video conferencing if appropriate.

Please ensure that your child leaves home in the morning with all necessary items to get through the day (e.g., lunches, indoor shoes, extra clothes, etc.).  It will not be as easy for parents to drop by the school to drop off items, moreover, it is discouraged. On the rare occasion that a “drop-off” is absolutely necessary, please call the school first in inform of your intent, wear a mask and leave your labelled item (student name and room # or teacher's name) on the table directly inside the main front doors on the right when entering.

Special lunch days (e.g., Pizza Lunch Days) are to be cancelled until further notice.

All school visitors will need to participate in a COVID screening, use hand sanitizer and be masked prior to entering our main office.

Volunteers will not be permitted at this time.

Students will eat lunches and snacks in their classrooms during instructional time with their teacher where they will remain in their assigned seats. Students are strongly encouraged to bring litterless lunches and take home any and all wrappers or packaging. At the start of the official lunch break, students who go home for lunch will go home and those who stay for lunch will go outside for a supervised break in a designated play area for their classroom/cohort.  Outdoor play structures will remain closed in all schools. (This is a general overview of what lunch will look like. The specifics of what this will look like at our school will be worked out with our staff and communicated to you.)

Not that this happens often at our school, but food delivery services are not allowed at this time.

Should your child be able to go home for lunch (which is strongly encouraged), please do not send them back early but instead return them as close as possible to the entry lunch bell.  One of the many discussion items we will discuss as a staff this week is the timing of recesses and lunch and what it will look like and facilitating bathroom breaks to help limit or avoid interaction with other class groups.

Water fountains will not be used to drink from directly so students are encouraged to bring clearly labelled refillable water bottles for use during the school day.  Our water filling station will still be operable along with opportunities to fill water bottles at drinking fountains.

 In the spring, we went through a classroom organization/staffing process in order to plan for this year. This week, we anticipate receiving a revised outline of our enrollment and staffing for this year, based on the number of students who will physically attending the school. This means we will need to work through and possibly change our classroom organization and staffing. Once this is in place, you can expect a contact indicating your child's teacher's name, room number, entry door number and specific start date, which will be during the week of September 15th. We will send you this information as soon as possible but it is unlikely that you will get it before September 8th. "First Day of School' procedures and information will also be sent out in a subsequent Falconer once our logistics are solidified.

Fairmount is very much a community school and is something of a hub for many in the area. Therefore, choosing the virtual school option may have been difficult for some as it means disconnecting from our school. If you have selected the virtual school option but would like to continue to remain connected to this school and receive the Falconer, please email our Office Administrator at lisa.habenschuss@tdsb.on.ca and let her know that you would like to continue .

 In the meantime, please have lots of conversation with your child(ren) about what to expect when returning to school, the importance of washing/sanitizing hands regularly and frequently, get them use to wearing masks for extended periods of time and reinforce the importance of physical distancing.  One thing we know for a fact is that school life will not look the way it did when students left it in March and it’s important for them to have as much knowledge and information as possible ahead of time with an understanding of why things have changed to help alleviate potential anxiety and best ensure that nobody takes home anything other than their homework.

I know that many of us are feeling anxious but please know that that we are here to listen, support and navigate this reopening together.