Food for Kids Program

We know that the closure of schools has been difficult for many families, especially those who rely on school-based Student Nutrition Programs. The TDSB and the Toronto Foundation for Student Success have teamed up to provide families at your school with $50 grocery store food cards (one per TDSB student). If your family would benefit from this card, please complete the registration form online.
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InTO Kids Health Initiative

At Firgrove Public School, we have partnered with Toronto Public Health to implement InTO Kids Health initiative.


The school office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The school day begins at 8:53 am and students are expected to be at school on time.

Please drop off your child/ren at least 5 minutes before the bell rings at their assigned door at the back of the school.

Morning Bell: 8:53 am

Lunchtime:   11:40 am to 12:30 pm

Dismissal:   3:15 pm sharp

If late, student/s can be picked up at the office.

Student Absences

As a parent/guardian you are responsible for calling the school if your child/ren will be absent due to illness, appointment(s) and any other reasons.

You may call the school at (416) 395-2420 and leave a message in the Safe Arrival voice mail and any time before 8:45 a.m. (including after 2:00 pm, evening and middle of the night) and not necessarily before school is about to begin.  


Your child/ren's health and safety are extremely important.

Please ensure we have the most up-to-date information on file

 especially phone numbers and emergency contacts.

Eco Schools Certification

Highlights of Firgrove's Eco Audit Report

Certification Level: Platinum

We were impressed by:

1) The auditor noted that both staff and students demonstrated a shared enthusiasm for environmental stewardship which is consistently promoted throughout the school. The strong and effective communication among all staff has been a factor that has enabled the school to work together to support eco initiatives. As a result, the Eco-team was able to present key issues in meetings with staff and parents, and collaboratively design practical strategies to help combat them. Furthermore, the teachers embrace the possibility in bringing about positive change which has empowered the students to share in their passion in making the world a better place.

2) Partnering with the Jane and Finch community to plan park improvements, give students the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Through this project, students combined their talents through identifying the best solutions to expand the use of their local park and exercise their creativity by designing a detailed model of their ideas. It also taught them problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills. Through this initiative, students have demonstrated that they possess the dedication and empathy necessary to work together to achieve meaningful goals.

3) It is evident that the teachers in the school are all united in their cause of promoting eco-awareness which has resulted in a great passion and enthusiasm among the students in learning and participating in all the eco-activities. Additionally, it is amazing that the eco-literacy being taught covered all areas in (Above, In, and For). This is essential in underlining the importance of environmental stewardship as it allows students to identify the implemented concepts from different angles. The hands-on experience such as planting, to educational field trips, have given the students the opportunity to realize the ways in which their actions directly impact the environment.

Firgrove Students Making a Difference

The second initiative of the students who were inspired by the Me to We program was the Spare Change Drive. With the help of all of you, we raised enough money for one goat and three bundles of chicks! We look forward to the next initiative of our wonderful students!

Another one of February’s successes was the Book Drive initiated by one of our Grade 5 students, Melissa. Thank you to all of you who donated books that will make the lives of the children at Sick Kids Hospital a little happier!

February was Black History Month. Students learned about slavery and the Underground Railroad, as well as racial segregation and the fight for its abolishment. Here is what Khalid, a grade 3 student, wrote about one of the famous slaves in the history of the Underground Railroad.

"Henry ‘Box" Brown was a slave since he was a little boy. He worked very hard, but instead of freeing him, his master gave him away to his son. Henry worked hard for his new master too. When he grew up, he married and had children. But one day his master sold his children and his wife to another master. This made Henry very sad and determined him to free himself. So Henry mailed himself into a box to Pennsylvania, where some people who believed slavery was wrong were waiting for him. What I learned from Henry "Box" Brown was that you have to be confident and have the courage to accomplish something if you believe it is right. Also, I learned that everyone can have good friends and you should trust your friends."

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Co-Curricular Programs at Firgrove

  • ME to WE Group 
  • Regent Park School of Music (Steel Pan, Piano and Keyboarding)
  • ECO Schools Club
  •  City of Toronto's ARC program after school
  • ‎TDSB international Language Classes (Spanish, Tamil, Somali, Vietnamese)
  • Leaders In Partnership Program with JCA (Tuesdays at lunch)
  • Martial Arts Program
  • Family Literacy Center