School Routines and Policies

School Routines & Policies

School Routines and Policies 

Pick Up and Drop Off:

If you are picking up your child, on a daily basis, please be kind enough to wait outside the exit doors in the playground. One of our expectations for our students is to develop an increasing sense of independence and responsibility. We would request that parents, who walk their children to school, drop them at the class line and meet them outside their exit doors. If you are picking up your child early, students must be signed out by a parent at the main office if they leave before 3:10 PM. Please note that all doors are locked and to gain entry please ring doorbell located at the front doors.


  • When dropping off or picking up your students, please use the back of the parking lot. 
  • Please ensure they are not walking unattended.
  • Please do not block another vehicle.
  • You must possess a "Disabled Parking Permit" to park in the Disabled parking spot.
  • Please BACK IN to the parking space to ensure visibility and mechanical assistance (if needed).

School Visits:

As part of our "safe school policy", when visiting the school, or classrooms, you will need to check in at the office when you arrive and sign our visitors’ register. 

Dress code: Also see the PARENTS PAGE for photographs and order sheet.

Please see below for guidance:

  • Navy blue bottoms (pants, shorts, skirt); no blue jeans
  • White top (long sleeves or short sleeves)
  • A navy blue or white sweater or sweatshirt may be worn over the white shirt

Late Policy: 

If a student should arrive after the bell, they must sign in at the main office and receive a late slip before proceeding to their classroom. Please note that our start time is 8:50 am, but teachers are on the yard providing supervision at 8:35 am each day.
Students should arrive no later than 5 minutes before the morning and lunch bell.


 Please call the school and leave a message reporting the absence (416-395-2420)

  • If a student is absent, and there is no note or telephone message, a phone call home will be made
  • If you wish your child to leave during the day, you must send a note or call the office. When picking up your child other than at the regular dismissal times, please come to the school office.

Student Sickness

  • If your child is going to be absent please notify the school office.
  • Please ensure you provide up to date contact information always to the office, so that we can reach you in case of emergency.
  • If a student is in any medical situation and we cannot contact a parent, an ambulance will be called
  • If your child will be absent from school, you must call:
    416-395-2420-press 1 and leave a message with your child’s name, classroom, reason for the absence, your relationship to the child and the date and time of your call.

Medication for Students:

 Students who require medication to be administered at school must have a completed medication consent form signed by their family doctor. (Students must not have medication in their bags. This includes aspirin etc. All medication must be handed in to the main office.) 

Physical Education: 

It is recommended that students wear shorts or jogging pants/tights and running shoes on gym days.

School Library:

It is very important that our students learn how to access and use resources and manage information. Our library is open to classes during the school day and for general student use at other times. We encourage all of our students to become proficient users of all library materials and to explore the many avenues of learning available here at Firgrove. Please note that a charge will be applied to materials not returned to the school library.

Lunch Program (free):

Our school provides free lunches to all students. However, students need to order the lunch of the day with their classroom teacher each morning in order to receive the service. If your child wishes not to order, please ensure they come to school with a lunch.


Snacks are provided to students free of charge. Please ensure your child has their own snack if they do not prefer the school snacks.


Our lunch hour is from 11:35 AM to 12:25 PM. Students who are eating lunch at school must remain on the school grounds. After eating lunch, students are taken outside for a portion of the time. For safety reasons, registered students wishing to be excused on a specific day must bring a note, signed by the child’s parent to indicate permission to leave school property.