School Uniforms

School Uniforms

School Uniforms and Dress Code Policy

Dress code: (See photos of the uniform at the bottom of the page.)

All students are expected to wear clothing that is neat, clean and appropriate to the school environment and the weather.

  • Navy blue bottoms (pants, shorts, skirt); no blue jeans
  • White top (long sleeves or short sleeves)
  • A navy blue or white sweater or sweatshirt may be worn over the white shirt
  • Clothing that is provocative or carries unacceptable messages or any other messages or logo (except for school logo) is not permitted.
  • Hats, caps, hoods and bandannas are not to be worn inside the building except for religious purposes.
  • Outdoor coats and winter boots are not to be worn in class. In the interest of health and safety, children must wear shoes in class

Uniforms (sold as separates) may be bought at the school or any department or clothing store. Separates with the school logo are sold only at the school.

We are in process of updating school logo on uniforms. More information will be shared with the parents.

Click here to order uniforms: 9. UNIFORM & DRESS CODE INFORMATION [pdf]

 Blue Girls Tunic Blue Pants Girls White Top

blue tunic blue pants white top white polo blue vest school crest 
 White Polo Shirt Blue Vest School Crest